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Muzzy Moment: Do Horizontal Rubs Work?

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  September 18th, 2014 0

Ingenuity can happen at the most unexpected of times. And as any prudent hunter knows all too well, resourcefulness is one of the most useful skills we take with us into the woods.

While visiting Yellowstone National Park during the elk rut, Ted Miller noticed several elk using a downed pine tree as a rub. Fascinated by this behavior, Miller adopted the idea and applied it to the whitetail woods by using two fence posts for support and fastening a scotch pine limb horizontally, roughly two feet off the ground. Since then, he’s captured countless bucks on trail camera using his horizontal rub as a sign post for scent checking.

Check out this Muzzy Moment and the interesting whitetail behavior that could have an impact on your hunting and scouting strategies. Will you be implementing this into your strategy?


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