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Whitetail Encounters

13-Point Kansas Buck Fails At Trick Roping

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  July 11th, 2012 2

This buck first caught Kansas outfitter John Massey’s attention when he noticed a dark spot on the buck’s chest in a trail camera photo. He then spotted the deer later on in the season, and saw that it added to it’s collection of oddities…several yards of rope wrapped up in its rack!

  • Joe Summy

    Yes… I would mount it with the rope. He had it when he was shot so mount it as is.

  • Mike Wellusncheg

    I shot a buck with archery in Camp Ripley in Minnesota in 1973.He was a large 5X4 buck. His antlers were wrapped in a military parachute used for the slow sustaining of flairs as they were dropped in a practice fighting setting. The large tangle of nylon rope and parachute was much larger than the buck in this picture. I wish I had taken a picture of the buck with the tangle hanging from his rack. Shortly after I shot him I cut the nylon tangle from his horns. I regret I never took a picture, but I would most definitely not want to look at the mount with a tangle of nylon and parachute hanging from his rack. I do not believe the buck liked this mess hanging from is rack!

    But of course, the buck could be mounted with this tangle of twine and later be freed from it with a simple few cuts from a knife. Therefore it does not matter what is decided. The gangle can be removed when ever the hunter grows tired of it. The important thing is taking the picture!!!!

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