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What’s a “Shooter Buck”?

by Stan Potts   |  November 7th, 2011 8

Stan Potts explains that what might not be a “shooter buck” for some hunters, may be for others.

  • Jim

    4 you to shoot a 3 .5 yr old is really not good 4 the sport. You say you are a professional hunter. Just to get some film of a kill, and using a 3.5 yr old is just a money thing for your film. You have shot many older and better bucks, I hope all ethical. You should be shooting just the top bucks, you know it is the chase, not the kill that is important.
    Lets start getting the money out of this sport and make it a sport with individual ties to nature, enjoy and protect the sport that we love. Take the money OUT..

    • Butch

      yeah but a three and a half year old deer could be a monster. it just depends of the nutrition and genes. Your just sayin you wouldnt to make yourself look good

    • bigd7400

      What is not good for the sport is trying to live up to someone elses standards or putting someone down for not living up to yours. We are losing more and more hunters every year and I would say that some of that has to do with unrealistic expectations of what a trophy is and some of it is the brow beating other hunters give someone when the deer they kill doesnt live up to their standards. We need to encourage more people to enter into our sport.

  • Billy Jack

    Yes, I'd like to see Stan shoot bigger bucks too, but he is not hurting the sport as you suggest, & where the hell does money come into the equation? Let your state conservation program worry about what is good for the sport & like stan said, what may be a shooter him may not be a shooter to you!! 8]

  • Rob

    Stan is right. Sometimes a meat deer is the only shooter I want. Younger deer taste much better. Nothing wrong with that at all. I know . . . I like the trophy, too. I have gone home with an unfilled tag many seasons because the big one never showed up. I just don't think anyone should judge what deer I shoot or pass pn. After all, who is the best to decide what my trophy should look like?

  • bowhunter

    I agree with Jim. I think that people have lost focus on what is important when it comes to the sport of hunting. It most certainly has has become all about the money as of late and I am saddened to see this. Watch a hunting DVD and you will see what I am talking about…. all they are anymore is one giant advertisement about the bow they are shooting and the other latest and greatest gadgets they are wheeling and dealing. Hunting magazines are another great example… we pay a lot of money to subscribe to these so called "hunting magazines" but lately there is less information and more advertisements. Each page either has a full page or half page add. It really is sad.

  • Dennis A. McDade

    we have gotten way to caught up in horns,thats about all you see anymore on tv.These guys get to hunt on land the average guy will never get to hunt on.Stan I would gladly shoot that deer,congrats.I don't know about ya'll but I was raised to be a hunter,thats what I am.

  • Bowhunter for life

    Stan is right about one thing we all make our own decisons when it comes to which deer we harvest and our reasons for doing so. But this sport is not an individual sport we are all linked to one another by our decisions, that is how the non hunting community views us and how they try to bring us down. I have no problem with a hunter shooting a two year old deer (buck or doe) as long as they have taken there time and put there best effort forward. My problem is with hunters who go buy there tag and ammo they day before the opener, don't practice there shooting and go out for a week shoot whatever walks in front of them, wound two animals before they finally fill there tag. The hunting community no different than any other community there are hunters who are very good and kill 4 + year old deer every year, there are hunters who are average and kill 2 + year old deer every year , and then there are the irresponsible hunters who kill whatever they can. You know where you fall hold yourself to the highest standard and be happy with your results, but don't blame others for making you feel inferior.

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