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Muzzy Moments

Man Grabs Buck’s Rack

by NAW TV   |  November 1st, 2011 8

Two hunters in Eastern Alberta spotted a huge buck walking through a pasture that had only one side of his rack and paid no attention to the pair despite their yelling and close proximity. One of the hunters decided to see just how close he could get…

  • marty walker


    • Fred Zaste

      This man is lucky he didnt get hurt Them hoofs can rip a mans pants right off and hurt u too.
      It is awesome to get that close.

  • Jamie

    got to be some kind of brain damage, swelling, or infection related to the broken off antler.

  • kevin von hasenstein

    What we just saw does not happen very often, and as stan said, dont try this at home!. That could have turned out much differently if that buck wanted to. that man was very lucky!

  • Dennis A. McDade

    Dude you are crazy!!!

  • Clancy

    That is classic Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).. it is going through parts of Sask and Alberta.. poor thing.. it does not look like it has much time left before it start to wobble and fall over.

  • randy

    wondering what part of alberta this was in email me and let me know please.

  • theoldagunnat

    Thats pretty effin sweet….and everyone i highly recommend u try this sometime….i dance with monster bucks and do that every year i wrestle them down like a lion

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