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Great New Optics For 2007

Great New Optics For 2007

The latest in optics and scopes for 2007.

Alpen Optics Teton Binocular

Alpen Optics' new Teton binocular series for 2007 offers a top performance instrument in a lightweight yet durable body. The Teton series is designed using the lens system of Alpen's super-performance Rainier binocular combined with the prism and body system of the popular Apex binocular series. The result is sharp and bright optical performance in a lighter weight, field-tough body. Teton achieves this hybrid performance by featuring BaK4 prisms with Alpen's exclusive UBX multi-coating, SHR metallic coating, and PXA phase correction coating. The result is a super-bright image that has full color fidelity and sharpness in all viewing conditions. The composite body is covered by durable textured rubber material for shock-resistant viewing enjoyment. Twist-lock eyecups and long eye relief provide viewing when wearing glasses. Teton binocs are fully O-ring sealed and nitrogen filled for waterproof, fog-free viewing in the harshest of outdoor conditions. Visit

BSA Panther

Series Riflescopes

BSA's company motto is entry-level pricing for full-featured optics. BSA's all-weather, all-condition Panther series of scopes offer two all-new models and improved controls and durability. BSA says the Panther series is so good in the water, it might as well be able to swim. Its long, swept-back hood protects the lens from rain, yet doubles as a sunshade when the day turns bright. It has dual O-ring seals in the objective cell, as well as dual O-rings in the longer European-style ocular.

Because it is built into a one-piece aluminum tube, you can be assured that it is waterproof. The exposed windage and elevation turrets have a patent-pending push/pull locking system and are easy to adjust, even if you're wearing gloves. The Panther has fully multi-coated camera-quality glass lenses. The two new all-weather Panther models are the 3.5-10x50mm and the 6.5-20x44mm with Adjustable Objective. Visit

Burris 1-4x24mm EuroDiamond LRS

The new Burris 1-4x24mm EuroDiamond adds a Lighted Reticle System (LRS) to this already proven low-mag, quick-aiming 30mm scope. Burris Euro-Diamonds are specially engineered for low-light hunting scenarios, and they have a 4:1 variable magnification range with up to 4 inches of eye relief. Welcome ergonomic features include finger-adjustable, resettable, easy-to-see adjustment dials and deep relief grooves on the power ring.


The easy-to-view, non-slip power ring is integrated with the eyepiece, which features European-style internal focusing with an easy-to-grip rubber adjusting ring. For the illuminated models, a new third-generation digital illumination controller replaces the analog switch for additional dependability, more reliable sealing, automatic time-delayed shutoff to conserve battery power, and pulse-width modulation circuitry to triple battery life. A variety of reticles are available. Visit

Bushnell Elite 4200 Compact 6-24X40mm

Side Focus

Bushnell's new compact version of its 6-24x40 Elite 4200 has side parallax adjustment, so that hunters can now adjust for parallax focus using a knob that is opposite the windage cap while maintaining their sight picture. Ranges are indicated on the adjustment knob, where they can be read by a right-hander's off eye without moving his sighting eye from the scope. The scope is much shorter than a standard 6-24x40 with an adjustable objective; in fact, it is almost exactly the size of a conventional 3x9 scope. This give you 6-24x premium high-mag scope that's appropriate for use on a compact rifle. This new Elite riflescope also features a Mil-Dot reticle, calibrated so that at 12X magnification, each dot will be 3.6 inches apart (or one mil) at 100 yards, 7.2 inches apart at 200 yards, and so on. Visit

Kahles Helia KX Scopes

The new Kahles KX scope series offers Austrian precision in compact 1-inch models designed for the American sportsman. Excellent image qualities and low-light capabilities are in perfect harmony with precise mechanics, low weight and compact dimensions. These scopes offer unsurpassed wide fields of view with excellent edge-to-edge clarity and resolution, rich contrast, safe eye relief and brilliant images. Features include optimized Kahles AMV multi-layer lens coating to provide close to 100 percent light transmission; lightweight rugged construction; waterproof and shockproof design, machined from a single piece of high grade aluminum; and rugged, non-magnifying reticles in the second focal plane. Helia KX models are available in 3-9x42mm, 3.5-10x50mm and 4-12x50mm versions, with four different reticle choices. Visit

Leupold VX-7 Scope Series

Leupold's new VX-7 riflescopes incorporate the new Xtended Twilight Lens System and SpeeDial adjustment system. The VX-7 also offers Leupold's Ballistics Aiming System, dual erector springs for superior precision and durability, and Generation II Argon/Krypton waterproofing, plus the concave crescent objective lens Light Optimization Profile on large-objective models. An extreme fast-focus eyepiece speeds crisp target acquisition, while the Alumina rubber armored eyeguard enhances safety for extreme uphill or downhill shots. All VX-7 models have a 30mm main tube machined from one piece of aircraft-grade aluminum and are finished in either satin or satin gray. Visit .

Nikon New Monarch Riflescopes

For 2007, Nikon has re-engineered its entire Monarch flagship riflescope line, utilizing a new optical system. While maintaining the American-preferred 1-inch-diameter main body tube, Nikon engineers developed the new Monarch series to minimize the overall length of the riflescope and maximize the mount-ring spacing capability, allowing for mounting on virtually any rifle. The 2007 Monarch design now includes a new eye-box design with an impressive 4X zoom range and four inches of eye relief that remains constant throughout the power range without sacrificing field of view.

In contrast, most competitive riflescopes supply less than 3-times magnification zoom capability and eye relief that varies by as much as a full inch between high and low powers. The Monarch's massive ocular lens also delivers both a large high-resolution sight picture and the maximum field of view corresponding to each power setting. As an additional convenience feature, Nikon has placed rear-facing magnification indicators on the zoom control and included a quick-focus. Visit

RedHead Epic Binoculars

RedHead's Epic Series binoculars from Bass Pro Shops offer deer hunters a premium set of binoculars at an affordable price. BAK-4 roof prisms offer exceptional light transmission, brightness and increased resolution. Improved contrast and fatigue-free viewing come from a multi-layer phase coating that automatically corrects for shifting light waves.

Fog-free performance is delivered by 100 percent waterproof protection and nitrogen purging. Epic binoculars come with a rugged non-slip rubber coating, extremely close focus, a large center focus knob, twist-up eyecups, a right eye diopter for precise focus, attached objective lens covers, a neoprene neck strap, a padded nylon carrying case, and a free RedHead lens pen. Visit

Schmidt & Bender

1.1-4x24mm Zenith Riflescope

The new S&B 1.1-4x24mm Zenith is designed for both-eyes-open hunting, with 11 different illuminated FlashDot settings, from lowest light to brightest sun. Settings 1-6 are for low light, providing a precise aim point against a dark target when non-illuminated crosshairs may be invisible. Settings 7-11 provide full illumination to the red dot at the center of the reticle, for use in bright sunlight or snow. This functions much like the front bead on a shotgun, allowing quick, accurate shots at moving game. When illumination is off, the reticle functions normally. Visit

Simmons Master Series

ProHunter Riflescopes

Simmons' Master Series ProHunter scope line includes the patented TrueZero flex erector system, new windage and elevation dials, and the QTA Quick Target Acquisition eyepiece — plus true one-piece tube construction for increased mounting area, aspherical lens technology and fully multi-coated optics, HydroShield lens coating, new SureGrip rubber surfaces on all eyepieces, and side-focus parallax adjustments. Also unprecedented in a value-priced riflescope is the Simmons TrueZero windage and elevation dial mechanism, which employs an audible-click ball bearing and spring system to significantly reduce wear while maintaining dial reliability and accuracy over time. The dials themselves do not screw in or out, but pull an internal post, which ensures equal click value throughout the full adjustment range. Also, the dials are completely sealed against water intrusion, even with the windage and elevation caps off. Visit

Steiner Peregrine

XP HD Binoculars

Steiner's new Ultra "Premium XP Class" Peregrine binoculars feature a nitrogen-pressurized magnesium body with water-repellent NANO Protection on the 44mm objective lenses and oversized 30mm ocular lenses to deliver waterproof/submersible protection. New roof-prism, dialectic mirror coating and High Definition XP lens technology provide true color, image contrast and superb light transmission. They feature an ergonomically shaped rubber-covered body with new gel-filled grip and thumb pad, plus twist-up ocular barrels and profiled rubber eyecups. Visit

Swarovski Z6 Riflescopes

Swarovski has introduced the first-ever riflescopes with a six-magnification zoom factor. Plus, the field of view on the new Z6 scopes has increased by nearly 50 percent in some models, along with significant increase in eye relief. Illuminated reticle versions offer Swarovski's advanced daylight/dimlight High Grid technology. All reticles are located in the second image plane, so only the target is enlarged when changing the magnification, not the reticle itself. The new 30mm Z6 scopes will be available in 1-6x24mm, 1.7-10x42mm and 2-12x50mm. Visit

Swift Sur-Lok Riflescopes

Swift Sport Optics announces the return of the Swift Sur-lok system. This new addition combines all the optical benefits and unique features of the Swift Premium riflescope collection, with a locking system that allows you to truly "set it and forget it!" The Sur-lok system replaces the traditional gimbal with a single coil spring and bronze cup and rod that prevents any movement of the erector tube during recoil. With the Sur-lok engaged, you'll never have to worry about your Zero shifting again. Once it's set, it's set forever! Visit

Tasco World

Class Riflescopes

Tasco World Class riflescopes are famous for delivering high-performance optics and advanced features at a price any serious hunter can afford. With Tasco's SuperCon multi-layered coating on the objective and ocular lenses and fully coated optics, World Class scopes deliver more light when light is scarce for the brightest, clearest image possible. With models featuring either ProShot, 30/30 or True

Mil-Dot reticles, World Class riflescopes deliver the same performance and features as scopes costing much more. Rugged and dependable, these 100 percent waterproof, fogproof and shockproof scopes are built with Advanced Monotube Construction and carry a limited lifetime warranty. Eleven different variable-power models are available, from 1.4-4X to 4-16X magnification, in black or stainless finish, including illuminated-reticle versions. Visit

Trijicon AccuPoint Riflescopes

The Trijicon "AccuPoint" riflescope line is unique. It is completely non-electronic and uses no batteries, yet provides two completely independent and separate sources of reticle illumination, with adjustable brightness that is as useful and visible in bright sunlight as in late evening. The illuminated portion of the reticle is a small, sharp triangle, available in either red or amber, that sits atop a non-illuminated black post. At night or in extreme low-light conditions, the reticle's illumination is supported by a special self-powered glow-in-the-dark tritium lamp (guaranteed for up to 15 years), and in daytime light conditions the reticle is powered by an adjustable fiber-optic system that concentrates and "feeds" light into the reticle to make it highly visible against any type of background under virtually any conditions. This is particularly useful in thicketed situations, where conventional black "daylight" reticles can become obscured or confused against the target background. Visit

TruGlo 4x32mm Compact Rimfire And Shotgun Scopes

TruGlo's new 4x32mm Compact Rimfire and Shotgun scope line offers great utility at an economical price. Three versions are available, including black finish or camo, and choice of duplex or Diamond Shotgun reticles (for turkeys or deer). The duplex versions include rings for .22 and air rifles, and the shotgun versions (black or camo) include Weaver-style rings. All are waterproof/fogproof and shock-resistant, with generous 4-inch eye relief. Other features include fully coated lenses for maximum brightness, clarity and contrast, and a rubber eye-guard. The fingertip windage and elevation adjustment are under screw-down caps, with durable leaf-spring windage and elevation adjustments. The one-piece tube is made of aircraft-quality aluminum, with durable, scratch-resistant, non-reflective matte finish. Visit

Yukon Advanced

Optics 6x-100x100 Spotting Scope

The Yukon 6X-to-100X is a revolutionary spotting scope that offers magnification from 6X to 100X, with no distortion or loss of image quality. The scope uses a common rotating 45-degree eyepiece/ocular lens, plus two multi-coated objective lenses, one with a 35mm aperture and the other with a 100mm aperture. Between 6X and 25X, the scope utilizes the 35mm lens. When more magnification is desired, the flip of a switch shifts the light path to the 100mm objective lens, for 25X to 100X magnification. The enormous light-gathering capability of the 100mm lens allows a bright and clear picture in nearly all viewing conditions, including twilight. Visit .

Zeiss Rapid-Z Reticles

Among various new products for this year, Zeiss' most impressive achievement is the development of a unique new set of "Rapid-Z" user-friendly reticle systems, which allow for quick and uncomplicated target holdover and range-estimation. Reticles will be available in the Rapid-Z 600, Rapid-Z Varmint and Rapid-Z 800 formats for common rifle calibers, and the Rapid-Z 1000 for longer-range shooting. Horizontal lines with yardage reference numbers indicating distances provide for accurate and easy holdover to rapidly engage targets at any distance within the capability of the reticle, riflescope and rifle being used. Yardage distances will vary depending on the reticle format, with the Rapid-Z 600 and Rapid-Z Varmint for use out to 600 yards, and the Rapid-Z 800 and Rapid-Z 1000 for use out to 800 and 1,000 yards, respectively. In addition to holdover reference points, the reticles will have hold points for windage equating to 5- and 10-mph winds along the horizontal axis of the major yardage lines. The Rapid-Z reticles will be initially offered in Conquest MC 40mm, 44mm and 50mm objective models, and the Victory Diavari V 6-24x56 and 6-24x72 models, as well as Zeiss' new Victory Diarange M T* 2.5-10x50 and 3-12x56 models — all with the reticle placed in the second image plane. Visit

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