NAW's Best New Trail Cameras for 2014

After a long season of whitetail hunting, it's now time to start planning for next year. Inevitably that means working in some postseason scouting, scheduling habitat improvement and determining your trail camera strategy.

With more options in trail cameras than ever before, just about every deer hunter can improve his or her chances for success next season. Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly model without all the bells and whistles, or a high-end camera with built-in wireless capability, we've got the right trail camera for you.

Check out all the great new trail cameras on the market for 2014.

Browning Strike Force/Dark Ops

Browning is calling its new Strike Force and Dark Ops Trail Cameras the smallest ever made, as each measure only 2.4x3.8x4.3 inches to be less noticeable to animal or human eyes. Each is powered by six AA batteries, capturing up to 10,000 images on a single set. They offer easy setup with time, date, temperature, moon phase and camera ID stamped on each image. They support SD cards up to 32GB, include a silent image capture feature and the ability to record HD video with sound and eight-image, multi-shot mode. They include .67-second trigger speeds and 2.1-second recovery times, with self-adjusting IR nighttime illumination and Full Frame extended illumination to eliminate dark edges on nighttime images. Time Lapse and Time Lapse Plus provide plot watch capabilities.

Price: $140 (Strike Force), $160 (Dark Ops)

Bushnell Trophy Cam Essential

The Trophy Cam Essential is the newest offering from Bushnell. It includes one-year battery life and an ultra-fast trigger speed that has made it a scouting favorite, but now with a lower price tag. The 6MP camera includes 32 low-glow LEDs with day and night still-image, video and Field Scan features. Video can be set to capture clips of from 1-60 seconds, while Field Scan helps keep an eye on large areas while also capturing triggered still images. The unit operates on eight AA batteries; accepts SD cards up to 32GB.

Price: $160

Cabela's Outfitter Series 10MP

Cabela's new Outfitter Series 10MP trail cam features a longer, wider, adjustable passive infrared (PIR) motion detector with advanced centering technology to sense when animals have entirely entered the frame. The result is fewer partial shots and more full-body images. The camera has an 85-foot daytime detection range and can take full-color, high-resolution images and high-definition color videos day and night. It includes a compact, weatherproof camouflage case.

Price: $300

Covert Special Ops/Code Black

The 2014 Special Ops/Code Black scouting camera from Covert has been upgraded to include 3G capability for the system's wireless signal, along with an improved booster antenna. Current models operate on AT&T, T-Mobile and other local GSM networks with 2G towers. The new 3G capabilities will mean fewer transmission problems in bad-reception areas.

Price: $400

Day 6 PlotWatcher Pro

The newest model from Day 6 — the PlotWatcher Pro — now includes extended battery life that captures up to 1 million images. This time-lapse camera keeps an extended watch on your food plots and compiles images into an exclusive, time-lapse video format that allows you to watch hours of footage in just minutes. It records an image every 5 or 10 seconds, or you can set a custom interval. The on-board light sensor automatically activates the camera at dawn and deactivates it at dusk, and you can choose to monitor your plot all day or program a mid-day skip interval of your choice.

Price: $255

Minox DTC 1000

Minox has taken its trail-camera technology to the next level with the introduction of its new DTC 1000 Trail Camera with an integrated wireless GSM feature. All images will immediately be transmitted to either your cell phone or e-mail address via the Global System for Mobile communication. This means you can monitor your hunting sites, home or business quickly and conveniently — no matter where you are. The unit includes 8MP resolution for outstanding image quality, one-second trigger speed and storage capacity of up to 32GB.

Price: $499

Moultrie Panoramic 150

The camera that made headlines last year for unsurpassed area coverage — Moultrie's Panoramic 150 — will now include No-Glow flash for 2014. With a 70-foot No-Glow flash, three IR motion sensors and less than a one-second trigger speed, you'll cover a super-wide 150-degree radius without spooking sensitive bucks or alerting potential camera thieves. The unit captures still images, video and acts as a food-plot/time-lapse camera in one. It's powered by six C batteries and is easy to set up.

Price: $260

Primos Truth Cam Ultra

Primos made some major improvements to its Truth Cams this year. All Truth Cam Ultra's utilize sliding switches that make setup simple. The new, Early Detect technology includes a 45-degree PIR sensor that picks up motion earlier so you won't miss anything walking in front of your camera. HD Time Lapse images are saved as a 1280x960 video file allowing you to watch a day's worth of images in a few minutes. Video recordings include audio. Eight AA batteries provide nine months of images recorded at 4MP resolution. The camera includes 35-foot range via no-glow LEDs.

Price: $170

Simmons Whitetail Blackout

Simmons new Whitetail Blackout is a black LED trail camera for less than $150. The Whitetail Blackout trail camera includes 18 black LEDs with a 30-foot range and a PIR sensor detecting animal activity up to 40 feet away. It features six-month battery life and a fast, 1.2-second trigger speed. The 5MP camera captures color daytime and black-and-white nighttime images, or VGA video clips day or night. Date/time/moon phase stamps are included on every image and recorded onto SD cards up to 32GB.

Price: $130

SpyPoint SMART

SpyPoint's new SMART trail camera is an authentic black LED unit that will exceed all expectations. Including Smart Triggering Technology, this unit analyzes all movements to capture more precise images. The interface has been simplified into a single-touch wheel that enables you to control the camera in one simple action. It operates on eight AA batteries.

Price: $200

Stealth Cam P12

The Stealth Cam P12 is a compact, affordable, 6MP scouting camera with 12 IR emitters with a 50-foot range. The P12 is easy to program and features an energy-efficient design, Burst Rapid-Fire mode and Quick Set technologies. It shoots video with audio or up to six still images in Burst Mode. An external LCD display allows fast setup and easy viewing of time, date and moon phase. It operates on eight AA batteries with a footprint of 4.25x5 inches.

Price: $90

Stealth Cam G-Series

Stealth Cam's new G-Series cameras include the G42NG and G30. The G42NG is the company's most technically advanced unit, including 2MP, 4MP, 8MP or 10MP resolutions and 42 'No Glo' IR emitters with a 100-foot range. The G30 includes 2MP, 4MP or 8MP resolution and has 30 IR emitters with an 80-foot range. Both are ultra compact with trigger speeds under one second and a multitude of cutting-edge technologies that truly make these cameras state of the art. They capture still images, video and offer time-lapse mode while operating on eight AA batteries.

Price: $190 (G42NG), $160 (G30)

Wildgame Innovations Micro Crush Cam 10

Wildgame Innovations is proud to introduce its new Micro Crush Cam 10, capable of capturing up to 50,000 images on a single set of eight AA batteries. It's offered in Realtree Xtra camo and features a sleek body and IR technology to capture perfect stills or HD video day or night. Redux Anti-Blur Technology, Exposure Control System and FlexTime+ Time Lapse technologies are also included.The wide-angle 16:9 lens sports rapid 1-second trigger speed. The camera holds SD cards up to 32GB, and the 27-piece IR flash reaches up to 75 feet.

Price: $180

Wildgame Innovations Rage Series

Rage Series trail cams from Wildgame Innovations feature an aggressive, rugged look that incorporates the latest IR digital technologies. Capture 4MP or 6MP images or video with flash ranging from 45-55 feet depending on model. A new spare SD card holder makes for quicker card changes, and the unit is also equipped with one-second trigger speed, FlexTime Time Lapse and Redux Anti-Blur technologies. One set of eight AA batteries averages from 40,000-50,000 images.

Price: $90 (R4), $100 (R6)

Wildview TK24 Digital Video Scouting Camera

The new, compact TK24 Digital Video Scouting Camera from Wildview has a ZX7 Gen 2 Processor for easy setup and no-hassle use. The camera features a trigger speed under a second and great battery life. The unit captures still images and HD video, with information stamp that includes date/time stamping. The camera also offers Burst Rapid-Fire still-image mode with custom settings. Image quality can be set for 3MP or 6MP, while the 24 IR emitters provide a 30-foot flash range. It operates on eight AA batteries.

Price: $110

Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless

The Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless might be one of the most exciting new products of 2014. It is the first network-approved wireless camera, fully capable of sending photos to your phone, tablet or computer. With an 8 megapixel camera and up to 3 months of battery life, the HD Wireless allows you to check your photos almost instantly without having to travel to the camera.

Price: $600

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