Brett Gibson Buck: 135-Inch Kentucky Buck

Brett Gibson Buck: 135-Inch Kentucky Buck

brett_gibson_fHunter: Brett Gibson

Location: Kentucky

Gear: PSE Dream Season EVO

Score: 135 5/8 inches

As any deer hunter knows, a chance at the buck of your dreams sometimes involves a great deal of luck. Blow that shot and it typically becomes a story about "the one that got away." But if we amend that last statement slightly into "the big one that got away, once," that changes everything.

Kentucky hunter and news reporter Brett Gibson went through this experience last season on a hunt he'll never forget, when he put an arrow through an impressive 135 5/8 buck not once, but twice in one month.

Gibson had seen the buck he nicknamed "Big One" on his trail camera, but not yet in person when the season started. That changed on September 11 when he spotted the buck standing just inside of the edge of a field he was hunting in a homemade blind. Time was of the essence for Gibson, though, as daylight was quickly fading and the buck threatened to leave the area completely. Eventually Big One got to within 18 yards when Gibson drew back and let his lighted nocked arrow go, watching the arrow on its way to the buck.

He heard the familiar thud of the arrow as the deer bolted in the opposite direction. After about an hour Gibson and his search crew went to look for the deer. Without any luck Gibson returned the following morning but was still unable to find the buck.

He received permission from the landowner of an adjacent property that afternoon to continue the search. When Gibson looked out in the field he was amazed to see his buck standing right out in the open. Apparently Gibson's arrow passed clean through the buck's neck. The buck had not been mortally wounded.

With his confidence shaken, Gibson accepted the thought that he wasn't going to kill the buck and continued to hunt without success or much luck for that matter.

In what was turning out to be the worst season he'd ever experienced, Gibson took a week off from the woods to fix his shot. After noticing a difference in flight pattern for two of his broadheads, Gibson made the adjustments needed to head back to the woods.

On October 10, Gibson hunted in his homemade blind at the same spot as earlier in the season. After losing a game of Candy Crush on his phone he looked up to see the buck he wounded almost exactly a month prior had returned to the same spot as before.

Determined not to make the same mistake again, Gibson adjusted his shot using the previous wound as a reference point and put an arrow right on target. The shot sent the buck through the woods the way he'd come. Moments later Gibson thought he heard the familiar crashing sound and after tracking about 40 yards into the woods Big One was down.

When all was said and done, Gibson had put his 135 5/8 inch dream buck on the ground, and relief set in.

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