Deer of the Day, Kentucky Keeper, Scott E. Stamper

Deer of the Day, Kentucky Keeper, Scott E. Stamper
Scott with his fantastic buck

Hunter Scott E. Stamper had been hunting hard for a shooter buck during the 2010 Kentucky whitetail season. He'd started bowhunting on September 4th, but was having little luck filling his buck tag.

Two months later, it was now the rifle opener in mid-November and the rut was in full swing. Scott decided to look into an area that he hadn't set up on in the past six years, as logging operations had created an overgrowth environment that was simply too thick to hunt. However, a quick scouting trip showed that the area had been thinned out and was "huntable" again, and Scott hung his stand near a scrape line, hoping for some much needed luck.

The morning started out with a flurry of activity as Scott saw a total of nine different bucks and three does, all interested in the scrape line. His Primos can bleat call was extremely effective in prompting interest from many of the bucks, including a decent eight pointer that sniffed the steps to Scott's stand and then let loose a loud snort, running away 50 yards, but not exiting the area entirely until it had its time with the scrape.

Scott was sure the loud snort would ruin his hunt, but he stayed the course.

At 9 a.m., the hunter heard noise coming from the thicket to his right.

"There were deer running right toward me!" shared Scott,  "I got my gun ready and looked very hard, but couldn't see anything. My heart began to race -- anticipating a big buck chasing a doe through the brush -- that once in a lifetime moment we all hope and hunt for."

A doe was the first deer to bust through the brush into the opening, followed by three bucks, hot on her trail, including the buck that Scott knew was the shooter.

The problem was, all four deer were on a dead run, including the nice buck.

"I 'macked' at him, trying to get him to stop and finally he did, but he was so keyed in on this doe and another buck, he didn't stop long enough for me to get a shot," reported Scott.

At this point the hunter yelled at the buck, hoping he'd stop for a shot. The tactic worked, and Stamper was able to get a shot off, dropping the buck in his tracks.

"I couldn't believe what had happened, I knew this buck was big, but I had no idea he was as big as he was when I walked up to him. This was the most amazing hunt I'd experience in 25 years of hunting and it will be a hunt that will linger in my memory for a long time to come," shared Scott.

Congrats on the fantastic buck!

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