Haynes Shelton's 5 Best Deer Products From SHOT Show 2018

Haynes Shelton's 5 Best Deer Products From SHOT Show 2018

I might not have won big at the blackjack tables this year in Las Vegas, but I certainly had a blast checking out the latest and greatest whitetail hunting gear at the 40th annual NSSF SHOT show. It's always rewarding to visit with industry professionals as they unveil new products that are purposely designed to benefit hunters. Personally, I'm always drawn to innovation that solves a common problem or gives outdoorsmen an edge in the field. Here's a first look at a few products I feel do just that.

Weatherby Mark V CarbonMark

Precision rifles are capable of greater accuracy at longer ranges, a feat which often comes at the expense of weight and handling. The new Mark V CarbonMark solves this problem, thanks to its sleek 26" Proof Research carbon fiber barrel. The barrel is 64 percent lighter than traditional steel, bringing the total rifle weight to just 7.75 pounds. Paired with the 9-lug magnum action and LXX trigger, this rig comes with a SUB-MOA guarantee.

Weatherby Mark V CarbonMark

Winchester Deer Season XP Copper Impact

I've seen a growing trend in some whitetail states requiring hunters to use lead-free ammunition, which often leaves consumers scratching their heads as to which "alternative" ammunition will deliver the best results. I was excited to see the new Deer Season XP Copper Impact bullet, which is said to deliver devastating terminal performance without sacrificing weight-retention or expansion. Like other options in the Deer Season line, this copper killer features a large-diameter polymer tip and an engineered hollow-point design. (winchester.com)

Winchester Deer Season XP Copper Impact

Bushnell Impulse Cellular Camera

Game cameras always garner their fair share of buzz at trade shows, and for good reason. Now more than ever, whitetail hunters are searching for ways to use them more effectively in the field. The new Impulse camera offers coverage option on either the Verizon or AT&T networks starting at just $9.99 per month, and no annual contracts are required. I was most impressed by the camera's 150-foot Wifi/Bluetooth connectivity and active GPS transmission technology, which actually allows the user to shut the camera down and track its location if stolen.

Bushnell Impulse Cellular Camera
Primos SurroundView Blind

If you've ever hunted from a ground blind, then you've dealt with dreaded "blind spots." No matter how great your setup is, or how stealthy you are, you simply can't kill a deer you can't see. Primos put that problem to bed with the introduction of their SurroundView blinds, which feature one-way see-through walls. While the hunter remains invisible inside the blind, he or she can see any and all action happening outside. The 360 model is the largest of three new options, measuring 60" x 60" x 70" inside.

Primos SurroundView Blind

Mossy Oak

When I'm considering purchasing hunting clothing, the first question I ask myself is how long I envision a garment lasting. After all, hunting is an active sport that dishes out serious wear and tear on equipment. I was ecstatic to hear that Mossy Oak has partnered for 2018 with Carhartt and Filson to release dedicated hunting apparel from both brands. Based on my first look at these garments, it's clear they're made to last for years to come. Beginning this fall, you can expect to see 27 styles from Carhartt in both Break-Up County and Mountain Country patterns. From Filson, look for Shadowgrass and Bottomland patterns to appear in both Tin Cloth and Mackinaw wool offerings.

Filson clothing in Mossy Oak Bottomland camo

For complete Outdoor Sportsman Group hunting coverage of the 2018 SHOT Show, visit here. Or, if you missed OSG's coverage of the 2018 ATA Show in Indianapolis, you can find that here.

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