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The Best Land Management Tools For Complete Habitat Projects

Having the right equipment for the job is essential for your deer hunting habitat improvement.

The Best Land Management Tools For Complete Habitat Projects

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Working on habitat projects can be just as fun as chasing big bucks. After all, putting in the work is essential to your deer-hunting success, and having the right equipment can help you get the job done more efficiently. Whether you just need some seed for your warm season plots or a new implement for planting, we’ve got you covered. Here are 2024’s best new products for deer managers.



Main Event from Big Tine is a winning annual food plot blend that establishes and grows well. Loaded to the gills with various premium brassica varieties to provide deer with protein, carbs and other nutrients, Main Event can handle the coldest temperatures. The forage stays green and is highly drought-resistant, making it an excellent choice for plots in all regions. (


A perennial blend that mixes Imperial Whitetail Clover with WINA perennial forage chicory to maximize growth and protein, Imperial Whitetail Fusion is a tried-and-true blend. Testing conducted by Whitetail Institute found the blend has up to 44 percent antler-building protein, and the mix is cold, drought and disease resistant. Coated with RainBond for enhanced seed survivability, the mixture is excellent for frost seeding. (


A top-end food plot seed, Buck Forage Oats is now in its third oat variety and has been helping hunters create successful food plots for over 25 years. Due to intensive genetic breeding, Buck Forage Oats produces quality deer forage in quantities that can handle heavy grazing and extreme cold temperatures. To add to the appeal, this food plot seed is endorsed by North American Whitetail’s lead biologist, Dr. James C. Kroll! (


An excellent pre-bundled starter kit, Chestnut Hill’s 10 Tree Chestnut Package includes dunstan chestnut seedling trees, which are the most widely planted chestnut trees in America. This species of chestnut can produce nuts as soon as age three, and they have been grown successfully across the U.S. The package includes the 10 seedlings, grow tubes, weed mats and bamboo stakes. This is a fantastic tree package for any whitetailer. (


A fantastic spring food plot seed, Clover Plus Chicory is a perennial blend of Biologic’s New Zealand red and white clovers with varying strains of chicory. The clover seed is genetically altered to produce large, tasty leaves deer can’t leave alone, and the chicory gives deer an appealing forage during critical months. The blend ensures maximum digestibility, and the clover and chicory can withstand scorching heat, too. (


A supplemental feed blend that attracts deer and fills them with a specialized blend of AccuForage grains and a one-of-a-kind mineral, this blend promises proper nutrition and maximum palatability. Providing proportioned nutrients and antler boosting minerals to the herd, this long-term attractant blend is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals to sustain calcium and phosphorus necessities. (


Available for growing zones four to 10, Wild Tree’s Deer Orchard Starter Packs are a fantastic way to improve your property, attract deer and give those deer excellent food sources. Each Orchard Starter Pack has tree species that thrive in their designated growing zone. Take growing zone four, for example. This starter pack has three chinese chestnuts, four northern red oaks, two honey locust, and three American persimmons. (



Browning is a trusted name in the cell and digital camera game, and adding new features like all HD images with five times more detail, a significant component of the all-new Defender Pro Scout Max, is a big reason why. Add on-demand picture and video technology with an automatic cellular detection feature, and you have a cell-scouting winner. Also new from Browning Trail Cameras is the Dark Ops Full HDR. An invisible flash camera, the Dark Ops Full HDR and its 26 MP image capture make it a great choice in states where cellular camera use isn’t legal. The adjustable IR flash range extends to 90 feet, and the trigger speed adjusts from .135 to .7 seconds. The invisible Radiant 4 LED system makes this camera ideal for capturing clear, crisp images of nightwalking bucks. (


Strike Force’s all-new Protein Tripod Feeder is ideal for land managers with a year-round feeding program. The durable hopper holds 36 gallons and can be filled from the ground with minimal effort, which prevents accidents. The twist-to-lock feature secures the lid in place after filling, and three sizeable feeder tubes ensure an even flow of food. Each tube adjusts individually via easy-to-use feed gates, and three heavy-duty steel leg sections mean incredible on-the-ground balance. (


Available in two sizes (250-plus pounds and 700-plus pounds), the Cannon Feeder is 100 percent resistant to raccoons, squirrels and other feed thieves. A true directional feeder, the Cannon Feeder shoots corn away from the feeder, which means no waiting for the animal to clear the feeder legs before you can take an ethical shot. A low-standing design blended with unmatched durability makes each unit a breeze to fill, and optional skid plates and extensions are available. With these sizeable, throw-corn-far feeders, you can fill it and forget it. (



Hooyman’s 40V Lithium-Ion Pole Saw must be in your gear arsenal if you’re looking for effortless cutting. Weighing under 10 pounds, this easy-to-maneuver saw promises long run time and fade-free power with no memory loss. The saw quickly collapses to four feet and extends to 10 feet. Charge time is 60 minutes and provides cordless cutting, which cuts trimming time in half. (


Available in A (AT&T) and V (Verizon) models, Covert’s WC20 was redesigned to be more compact. For those that want concealment, these scouters shouldn’t be overlooked. Add in the ultra-sensitive .3-second trigger, and you can bank on the deer being centered in the frame. Forty Infrared No-Glow LEDs provide a 100-foot flash range for even illumination. Maximum Silence Image capture means the camera produces no game-spooking noises, and set up is simple thanks to the integrated 1.5-inch color settings screen. Coverage plans for both AT&T and Verizon are available. (


Fitted with a curved arborist’s premium high-carbon steel blade that cuts through wood like butter, the Ultra Light Pole Saw is perfect for stand-hanging missions. Available in 10- and 14-foot versions, each saw features Wicked Ultra-Lock, a connection that allows for quick and easy removal of the pole saw head when you need to lose the poles and have a handsaw. The telescoping pole design is genius, and each saw comes with a durable nylon plastic sheath with a lanyard and blade punch mechanism to keep the sheath in place during transport. (


When Capsule Feeders developed their product, it’s clear that they wanted to maximize convenience, efficiency and durability. The Capsule feeder sits flat on the ground and allows you to fill it from the side, meaning you don’t have to stand on your tailgate or ATV while holding a feed sack to fill the feeder. In turn, this spin feeder throws supplement out the top (unlike most spin feeders), which makes the top of the feeder the perfect location for a solar panel. The lightweight and durable construction makes this feeder easy to move, and the cap covering the refilling hole ensures protection from varmints. (


Moultrie Mobile’s Edge cellular camera has been well-received by whitetail hunters and managers, and Edge fans will be happy to hear this popular camera is offered in a pack of two! This two-pack carries all the same features that Moultrie Mobile users appreciate, like multi-network Auto Connect, industry-leading battery life and built-in memory. All this is bundled in an affordable package! (


The crème de la crème of hunting blinds, Redneck’s all-new Hunting Cabin was constructed with hunters, campers and outfitters in mind. When an overnight stay is needed, this fiberglass and fully sealed structure keeps the elements and critters (like mice and bugs) out. The 7-foot by 8-foot Hunting Cabin is assembled and ready to roll, and it comes with 110-volt outlets and numerous accessories, like a bed frame and lights, which can be purchased separately. Other can’t-miss features include the closed-cell foam insulation, metal insulated doors, magnetic window curtains and a door awning. (


Designed to work with traditional cell cameras outside Cuddeback’s CuddeLink eco-system, Tracks is a stand-alone cellular trail camera built on a lesser-sized frame that promises remarkable coverage and functionality. A duo of new dual external paddle antennas provides excellent LTE reception in areas with poor service. Also notable is the advanced IR-cut image sensor that ensures longer battery life compared to cameras powered by AA batteries. Cuddeback’s new-for-2024 Tracks cameras connect to all Cuddeback accessories, allowing you to view images through the smartphone app, email, text and an online web interface. (


OnX is a digital mapping app that just got a lot better. A new feature dubbed Trail Cam Integration allows users to pinpoint trail cameras on their maps and directly import each camera’s image inventory. With this feature, hunters can store trail camera images in one place. OnX has made plans to partner with industry-leading trail camera manufacturers to allow certain cell cameras to automatically send images to the onX Hunt App. New features like Leaf-Off Imagery and Terrain X also showcase the app’s innovation. (


An important part of managing land for deer hunting is managing the predator population on that land, and the HellCat Pro from FOXPRO will help you do just that. This all-in-one call and decoy comes with 200-plus sounds, and it has the ability to hold up to 1,000 sounds! Significantly louder than its predecessor the HellCat, the HellCat pro will have local predators running to your setup. (


A minimalist pack suitable for right- and left-hand hunters, the Adapt pack converts from a four-point attachment to a sling-style one in seconds. Also pleasing is the pack’s exterior cloaked in ALPS’ proprietary DEADQUIET fabric, which reduces game-spooking noise and keeps you stealthy. The Adapt can be worn on the chest or the back and sports zipper-free access, a two-sided rain cover option available in brown or blaze orange, reinforced elastic tethers with silent swivels and more. (



A 10-foot end-to-end drill perfect for food plots or pasture renovation, Great Plains’ 10-foot End Wheel No-Till Compact Drill is a win. The drill boasts large end wheels for perfect ground gauging, which food plotters often encounter when putting a kill plot in an area with less-than-friendly terrain. Four separate gearboxes, a mechanical clutch that disengages when the drill is lifted and rain-tight lids for seed and fertilizer protection make this drill a must-have. (


Deeply rooted in food plot lore, a Firminator model is now available for your ATV to make discing, seeding and packing more straightforward. Branded the G-3, this unit combines 12-inch ground-eating disks with a precision accu-seed delivery system and an agricultural-grade cast-iron cultipacker. Built for ATV use, the frame is three-inch-square steel tubing, and the seed box sports an all-steel make, just like the other Firminator models do. The ATV model comes with a tow bar sized for a 1 7/8-inch ball, and it also boasts the three-point hitch just in case you want to use the unit on a small tractor. (


New from the minds at Packer Maxx, the 6 Ft Pro Series gives food plot goers the tried-and-true design that made the Packer Maxx Original such a hit, but enhancements to grove depth and spacing make this unit shine. Using a wider stance build, the 6 Ft Pro Series grove depths are shallower to allow for increased soil contact across the entire width of the drum. The heavy-duty Roto Molded Polyethylene drums are German-tank tough, as is the 3/8-inch steel frame. A cleaner bar keeps the drum free of moist soil buildup.(


Plotmaster's HUNTER 600 is constructed of heavy-gauge steel tubing, making it a durable implement that will last years on your land. Designed to be a one-pass unit, the HUNTER simplifies food plot planting for all deer managers. The custom electric Versa Seeder can efficiently plant a wide wariety of seeds, and it accurately dispenses the seeds without broadcasting, preventing costly seed loss. If you're looking for an implement that's durable, convenient and perfect for deer hunters, consider Plotmaster's HUNTER 600. (


The GroundHog MAX ATV/UTV Disc Plow has been a go-to for food-plot fanatics since 2007. It will plow earth anywhere you can get your ATV/UTV. From brushy hilltops to fertile bottomlands, this compact implement will operate at plowing speeds between four and seven mph; it also functions in reverse with the plow engaged. A simple up/down adjustment pin controls the depth and aggressiveness of the plow, and transport to and from is a breeze. (


Perfect for cruising around the back 40 or bouncing deep into the woods, the GC 1K Crew seats six adults with room to spare, and you get to customize your model by selecting the bumper, shocks, bed dump and more. The TGB Engine ensures best-in-class performance, and Intimidator’s standard skid plate ensures your machine’s underside will be protected in the gnarliest of terrain and vegetation. (

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