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Camouflage Your Sound

by Adam Lewis

I couldn’t believe it. There they were, just 35 yards away, but I hadn’t even seen them until now. More… more »


Jacob Ayecock’s 195-Inch Southern Smoker

by Tommy Garner

Today a giant whitetail can show up just about anywhere in deer country. We see them often in the pages… more »


5 Reasons to Hunt October

by Bernie Barringer

A large number of bowhunters take the month of October off, which is great for those of us who don’t…. more »


Committed to Keeping It Real

by Gordon Whittington

Whatever your line of work, holding a position of responsibility means making tough choices. It’s for sure that way in… more »


Steve Whitelock’s 211-Inch Eastern Shore Giant

by Al Higgins

Captain Steve Whitelock spends much of his time guiding folks on the waters off Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The area offers… more »


Hunt Swamps and Water for Early Season Whitetails

by Bernie Barringer

Three miles north of my home acreage was a 600-acre State Waterfowl Production area with 400 acres of slough where… more »


Depredation Tags: Are Farmers Gaming the System?

by David Hart

The discovery of five dead deer on a Kansas public hunting area has reignited a simmering debate. Altamont, Kansas resident… more »


Best Spots for Bowhunting Texas Trophy Bucks

by Gordon Whittington

Stereotypes can be hard to break. Especially when their existence reinforces a “victim” mentality. So it is with hunting trophy… more »


DeerGro: Feed Your Food Plots

by Mike Carney

As land managers, we’re all looking to maximize our available time in the field for optimal productivity and results. Years… more »


Scraping up Bucks

by Steve Bartylla

After a morning hunt, you are walking out along the edge of a field when you spot an active scrape…. more »


Tried and Proven Opening Day Strategies

by Bernie Barringer

Many states offer early bowhunting season openers. This is a chance to tag a buck in velvet or take an… more »


How Hunting Less Can Equal More

by Steve Bartylla

Most all of us are guilty of it. When we begin a hunting season, it’s hard to show the discipline… more »


Forget the Blind and Hunker in Junk

by Mark Kayser

As a veteran whitetail hunter you spend hours putting up treestands with a goal of making them and you disappear… more »


12 Early Season Bowhunting Mistakes

by Steve Flores

The start of another bow season is just around the corner. Every hunter that heads afield with a stick and… more »


Andy Bledsoe’s 177-Inch Tennessee State-Record

by Brenda Potts

If success is a product of hard work meeting opportunity, the story of Tennessee’s new No. 1 archery typical is… more »


How Small Properties Can Equal Big Bucks

by Mark Kayser

Were you born in a farming family? Did you win a recent Powerball lottery? Is Ted Turner your uncle …… more »


Top Do’s and Don’ts When Trimming Shooting Lanes

by Bernie Barringer

In a perfect world, a whitetail hunter could hang tree stands in the summer, trim needed shooting lanes and have… more »


Stuart Everett’s 240-Inch “Cactus” Buck

by Haynes Shelton

Way back in 2012, Stuart Everett was relaxing in his pickup truck under an old cedar on his family’s third-generation… more »


Best Spots for Bowhunting Maryland Trophy Bucks

by Gordon Whittington

If you were to kidnap a bowhunter in Illinois, blindfold the guy and drive him to a farm on Chesapeake… more »

After countless hours of practice and hard-earned money spent, you’re still only as good as your weakest link at the moment of truth. This fall, don’t let hunting-equipment shortfalls, including accessories, hinder tag-punching success. (Photo courtesy of TenPoint Crossbows)

Must-Have Crossbow Accessories for Hunting

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Bowhunting, including with a crossbow, is becoming a gear-driven sport, which makes some traditional bowhunters cringe. For gadget guys like… more »