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8 Acres of Heaven

by Randy Templeton

When Scott Moeller moved to Iowa from Wisconsin, he had no way of knowing if his lifelong dream of shooting… more »


Camera Shyness

by Adam Hays

It never ceases to amaze me just how elusive a giant whitetail buck can be, even when you know exactly… more »


Which Deer To Shoot?

by Dr. James C. Kroll

I get a lot of management questions from the public, and many are on the general theme of deciding how… more »


How to Give Hunting a Brighter Future — Part III

by Alli Armstrong

In How to Give Hunting a Brighter Future — Part II, we looked into the proper time to introduce kids… more »


An Oklahoma Giant!

by George Moore

Having served as a certified Boone & Crockett measurer for the last seven years, I’ve been privileged to score many… more »


The Necessities of a DIY Road Trip

by Bernie Barringer

My friend Ben lives in Maine and hunts the rut in Kansas each year. He and a group of a… more »


Have You Tried to Decoy in Gun Season?

by Steve Bartylla

The buck was an early arrival on this second afternoon of the Illinois gun season. Yes, I was hunting a… more »


Why Less is More for Whitetail Cartridges

by Gordon Whittington

Tortured into an honest answer, most experts would admit it’s been ages since the world truly needed a new whitetail… more »


Use Food Plots for Success in the Pines

by Rob Newcomb

Last week, we took a look at some scouting tips in To Hunt in the Pines, You Need This Specific… more »

Prevent your gear from being stolen hunting

How to Prevent (And Track) Stolen Hunting Gear

by Tony Peterson

There is nothing I hate worse than thieves. Scratch that. There is nothing I hate worse than hunters who are… more »


How to Give Hunting a Brighter Future — Part II

by Alli Armstrong

How to Give Hunting a Brighter Future — Part I started our conversation on the troubling numbers when it comes… more »


To Hunt in the Pines, You Need This Specific Approach

by Rob Newcomb

The 2015 deer season had been long. Really long. As I sat in a stand overlooking a quarter-acre food plot… more »


Are You Making a Critical Mistake in the Rut?

by Don Higgins

I quietly slipped through the standing corn to the stand I’d hung in the giant oak several months earlier. It… more »


Give the Best Hunting Gear this Holiday Season

by Drew Pellman

You might think the diehard hunter in your family already has the latest and greatest in gear and gadgets. After… more »

Future Part 1 1

How to Give Hunting a Brighter Future — Part I

by Alli Armstrong

With over 15 million people buying some sort of license in a given year, hunting is one of North America’s… more »

15 Minutes 1

Want More Success? Get Yourself Together!

by Darren Warner

It’s 3:00 in the afternoon, and time is not on my side. I skipped lunch in an attempt to get… more »

Winchester Slug Gun

Don’t Dismiss the Shotgun as a Deer Weapon

by Gordon Whittington

Back before the invention of the compound bow, shooting a whitetail nearly always took burning gunpowder. In that regard, you… more »

Oaks Are Forever 1

How to Increase Mast Production on Your Property

by Dr. James C. Kroll

As I watched my friend Rob Hughes plant one of our food plots recently, I knew oats and clover soon… more »

The Case for Ozone 2

The Right Time to Embrace Ozone? Today!

by Gary Socola

Every so often, along comes a product category with the potential to revolutionize whitetail hunting. By “revolutionize” hunting, I mean… more »


Why You CAN Afford Hunting Ground

by Tony Peterson

Big life events have a way of causing me to spend money, though probably not in the way you’d guess…. more »