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Epic Moment: Return To The Outhouse Stand

by Gordon Whittington

If you could relive any moment from your years as a hunter, which one would it be? For me, a… more »


Tyler Florczak Buck: 180-Inch Wisconsin Beaut

by Tyler Florczak

I had actually seen this buck, which I named Breath Taker, last year once while driving to work. He was… more »


Living with Lyme Disease

by Alli Armstrong

A number of well-known deer hunters and other outdoorsmen from across North America have contracted Lyme disease. Among those infected,… more »

The author tagged this Minnesota buck last September 19.

Early Season Deer Hunting: Get Off the Couch

by Tony Peterson

Seventeen feet below my tree stand, two young whitetail bucks slurped mucky pond water. One, with his 7-point rack, was… more »


Clayton Brummer Buck: 230-Inch Kansas King

by Spencer Neuharth

“It all just kind of runs in the family,” Clayton Brummer told The Wichita Eagle, referring to his passion for… more »


Dr. Deer: The Importance of Creating Thermal Deer Cover

by Dr. James C. Kroll

Check out this video in which Dr. James Kroll and Pat Hogan discuss the importance of creating the right bedding cover,… more »


Dueling Over Disease: The CWD Debate

by Gordon Whittington

Dr. James Kroll explains Chronic Wasting Disease in whitetails in this Dr. Deer segment from NAW TV. There’s rarely a… more »


Best Spots for Bowhunting Missouri Trophy Bucks

by Darren Warner

Make no bones about it: There are a ton of bucks carrying massive bone in Missouri. And with over-the-counter licenses… more »


Krysten McDaniel Buck: 193-Inch Kansas Breathtaker

by Krysten McDaniel

After having experienced one of our toughest deer seasons ever in Indiana, my husband, Josh, and I were ready to… more »


20 Best Whitetail States for 2015

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Ranging from Maine to Mexico and from the Northern Tier to the Deep South, whitetail deer are America’s most widespread… more »

deer poachers

Deer Poacher Gets Hit with Jail Time

by David Hart

A serial poacher will spend time behind bars after pleading no contest to six counts of failing to obtain a… more »


Tips for Hunting Public Land Bucks This Season

by Hunter Galloway

Even though I’m only 16 years old, I’ve been fortunate enough to harvest several mature bucks off public land in… more »


3 Things to Know When Buying or Leasing Hunting Ground

by Steve Bartylla

I had an opportunity, and I took it. A friend was going to lease some ground near my home. Without… more »


Killer New Broadheads for 2015

by Tracy Breen

Sharp keeps getting sharper and the wound channels grow wider as broadhead manufacturers annually labor to bring bowhunters the best tools for the job…. more »


Chris Warren Buck: 230-Inch Minnesota Velvet Bruiser

by Chris Warren

So when’s the best time to hunt for a trophy buck? Here in southeastern Minnesota, my first choice would be… more »


6 Best Destinations for Hunting Velvet Bucks in 2015

by Bernie Barringer

During the “careers” of most deer hunters, a predictable transition occurs. At first, just shooting a deer — any deer… more »


How Moon Positions Impact Whitetail Movement

by Adam Hays

The first morning of a hunt is always filled with anticipation. And this one was no exception. I was nearly… more »


Best New Bow Sights for 2015

by Tracy Breen

Single-pin or multi-pin? Not sure what you need? Check out the tips in this From the Stand segment from NAW… more »


Best Spots for Bowhunting Kansas Trophy Bucks

by Darren Warner

It might be known as the Sunflower State, but Kansas also grows monster bucks by the bushel. More than 50,000… more »

If extreme terrain capability is more valuable than cargo and work capacity, then look at the Yamaha Wolverine or Kawasaki Teryx machines.

How to Find the Right UTV for Hunting Whitetails

by Derrek Sigler

It’s no secret that side-by-side all-terrain vehicles, or UTVs, have become a part of the hunting landscape in a major… more »