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Tracking October Deer Transitions

by Bob Humphrey

October lull: Fact or fiction? I’m still not convinced, though I have on occasion experienced a lull around the third… more »


Rocky Top Racks

by Gordon Whittington

For a state over 400 miles wide, with whitetails found in numbers from one end to the other and public… more »


How to Age Bucks Before You Pull The Trigger

by Bob Humphrey

It all happened so quickly. One minute I was enjoying an absolutely lovely early autumn afternoon, not expecting much action… more »


A Plan of Attack During the October Lull

by Tony J Peterson

I was listening to a hunting-related podcast recently. The guest was a well-known western hunter. He and the host got… more »

Even though whitetails have long been able to thrive in areas that are nutritionally challenging, this does not mean that dietary supplements are unnecessary. Supplemental nutrition can improve the health of almost any herd.

How to Increase The Size And Quality of Your Deer

by Dr. James C. Kroll

Two of my colleagues recently attended a workshop on supplemental food plots. They came away scratching their heads over the… more »


Your Guideline to Proper Deer Scent Usage

by Mark Kayser

My flashlight lit up the narrow trail I hacked days earlier down to a wetland edge. The whitetails I targeted… more »


Hidden New Jersey Whitetails

by Gordon Whittington

To bowhunters who aren’t in the know, New Jersey might seem the last place to go looking for a trophy… more »


Timing Peak Rut In 2017

by Bob Humphrey

A buddy and I were drifting slowly along the shoreline, tossing bass plugs just shy of the overhanging branches when… more »


Scent Control: 3 Effective Steps for Deer Hunting

by Tony J Peterson

Controlling scent to beat a buck’s nose is possible. It just takes a smart scent-eliminator strategy that employs the proper… more »

A well-balanced nutritional strategy can benefit from the use of supplemental feed, and the results can often be seen in antler growth.  Photo courtesy of Dr. James C. Kroll.

Hot Topic: A Close Look at Feeding Deer

by Dr. James C. Kroll

Supplemental feeding for whitetails is certainly near the top of the list of “hot button” issues in deer management. Many… more »


Six Reasons Why You Won’t Kill a Booner Buck

by Bernie Barringer

A tiny fraction of whitetail hunters have taken a buck that scores over 170 typical or 195 nontypical, the minimums… more »


Can You Over Hunt A Stand Site?

by Mark Kayser

You run into few whitetail hunters that aren’t tracking their bucks like police monitor a convict on bail adorned with… more »


Don’t Bypass Nebraska Hunting

by Gordon Whittington

East and West Coasters jetting across the U.S. often refer to Nebraska a “fly-over” state. They look down at it… more »


The 2017 Deer Season Countdown

by Brian Strickland

The slight southerly breeze did little to provide relief from the mid-September afternoon heat, even though I sat under the… more »


8 Tips to Shoot a Buck on Opening Day

by Bernie Barringer

The month of September means archery deer seasons are opening across North America. From September 1 until the end of… more »


What Deer Pros Keep in Hunting Packs

by Lynn Burkhead

What do the deer hunting TV show hosts ALWAYS keep in their deer hunting packs? We asked them and came… more »


Use Summer Glassing for Whitetail Scouting

by Tony J Peterson

Trail cameras have replaced summertime glassing for many of us. If you’re dealing with a little property, like anything under… more »


Backwoods Bowhunting in West Virginia

by Gordon Whittington

If you’re an Eastern bowhunter, chances are you long to sample the wild flavor of chasing big game in the… more »


University Testing Finds Help in Deer EHD Outbreak Battle

by North American Whitetail Online Staff

As Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (EHD) has riddled deer herds across portions of the country in recent years, biologists, herd managers,… more »


Top Four Summer Trail Cam Locations

by Bernie Barringer

I’m always surprised when I talk to someone who mostly runs their trail cameras just before the deer season and… more »