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Know Your Buck

by Bernie Barringer

If you want to shoot a buck on opening day, you need to get to know his patterns and tendencies… more »


The Bowhunter’s Ready for Action Checklist

by Mark Taylor

In the heat of the moment having a mental checklist can make the the difference between keeping it together and… more »


Fixed Blade, Mechanical or Both?

by Mark Kayser

Should you shoot fixed blade broadheads, mechanical or a hybrid? It was now or never as the pin settled on… more »


5 Habits of Mature Bucks

by Steve Bartylla

Mature bucks are a different breed of whitetail. Understanding how can make the difference between a filled and empty buck… more »


5 Trophy Buck Essentials from the Pros

by Brad Fitzpatrick

When top hunters set out for a long sit they have to carry all of the essentials for the day… more »


Reading Sign After the Shot

by Dr. Grant Woods

The skill it takes to execute a perfect shot is only a part of being an ethical hunter—blood trailing is… more »


Build Your Whitetail Vocabulary

by Mark Kenyon

Learning and using whitetail vocalizations can be key to a successful season. Panic. That’s all I felt when the heavy… more »


Best Spots for Bowhunting Kentucky Trophy Bucks

by Gordon Whittington

To hear many serious trophy bowhunters tell it, Kentucky must be a figment of someone’s fertile imagination. It’s a state… more »


Ultimate Ambush: Best Stand Placement for Whitetails – Part II

by Randy Templeton

In Ultimate Ambush – Part I we covered several strategies for nailing down effective ambush setups for mature bucks. However,… more »


Ultimate Ambush: Best Stand Placement for Whitetails – Part I

by Randy Templeton

While scouting a new area in early August, I followed a faint trail from the timber edge marked with an… more »


Zach Singler’s 203-Inch ‘Out of Nowhere’ Buck

by Zach Singler

The unlikely events that led me to a 200-inch Ohio whitetail in 2014 actually began back in 2012, with another… more »


DIY Whitetail: How to Plan an Out-Of-State Hunt

by Bernie Barringer

Many whitetail hunters do not have the opportunity to bag a mature whitetail where they hunt. They watch outdoor TV… more »


Reboot Your Brain: New Ways of Looking at Old Woods

by Patrick Meitin

As the years come and go, every deer hunter eventually experiences a slow one. Reality is that the whitetail world… more »


Matt Portscheller Buck: 186-Inch Illinois Tank

by Ron Willmore

Any serious deer hunter knows timing and location are everything. However, putting the two together is far easier said than… more »


17 Tips for Hanging and Hunting Treestands Safely

by Steve Bartylla

It spooked me bad. The huge, and I do mean huge, oak was the only tree in the river bottom… more »


Are You Overpressuring Your Best Hunting Stands?

by Clay Newcomb

Never underestimate the impact of your own hunting pressure in your hunting areas. To score big this season, become an expert in deciding when and where to set up.


How to Identify and Hunt Deer Crossings

by Mark Kayser

Reminiscent of a nerve-wracking scene from the blockbuster movie “American Sniper” — minus the threat of return fire, that is… more »


Dealing with Hunting Pressure on Public Lands

by Bernie Barringer

Feeling discouraged after three days of hunting a large piece of public land in northern Missouri, I decided to take… more »


James Edwards Buck: 211-Inch Ohio Reward

by James Edwards

Everyone’s heard the advice, “Don’t put all of your eggs into one basket.” In general I’m sure that’s good advice,… more »


Leafy Logic: Consider Foliage When Hanging Treestands

by P.J. Reilly

Deciduous trees are a staple across much of the whitetail’s range. The deer live among them, and we hunters hang… more »