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Deer of the Day: Garry Neal’s 192-Inch Kentucky Brute

by North American Whitetail Online Staff

Hunter: Garry Neal Location: Wayne County, Kentucky Method: .30-06 Score: 192 3/8 Green Despite rumors of this buck’s demise before… more »


Jared Thiede Buck: 184-Inch Wisconsin Monster

by Randy Templeton

When Jared Thiede got his first glimpse of a big buck running across a field back in 2011, he had… more »


Bill Robinson Buck: 193-Inch Kansas Beast

by Mike Charowhas

Waking up and checking my text messages last November, I realized that in only a short time I’d received a… more »


Junior Key Buck: 219-Inch Non-Typical Giant

by Bill Cooper

Junior Key has spent much of his life in the outdoors, working as a professional logger in the timber industry… more »


Tips for Hunting Public Land Whitetail With Success

by Tracy Breen

Finding and tagging a monster buck on public land truly requires the hunter to be extremely lucky or work really… more »


Albert Richard Buck: 155-Inch New Brunswick Brute

by Albert Richard

The 2012 deer season here in New Brunswick had been over for only a week, but I already was scouting… more »


Adam Hupf Buck: 191-Inch Wisconsin Typical Archery State Record

by North American Whitetail Online Staff

The 2014 hunting season was a busy one for Wisconsin bowhunter Adam Hupf. He hunted elk in Colorado, black bear… more »


New Wisconsin Typical Archery State Record Buck Named

by Andrew Vanlaningham

Some records stand for decades at a time; others, no more than two years. Over the past weekend, the Wisconsin… more »


Deer of the Day: Eric Barrett’s 183-Inch Indiana Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff

Hunter: Eric Barrett Location: Brookville, Indiana Gear: BowTech; Gold Tip arrows; G5 Montec; Scent-Lok clothing Score: 183 inches What’s the… more »


Nick Brown Buck: 171-Inch Kentucky Velvet

by Bill Cooper

Twenty feet up in a huge ash tree, Nick Brown listened to the steady drone of mosquitoes as sweat trickled… more »


Bing Bryant Buck: 211-Inch Non-Typical Bruiser

by Riley Ottenbreit

Being three generations of hunters, fishermen and sportsmen in general, the Bryants of southeastern Saskatchewan have developed a great family… more »


Rick DiBene Buck: 169-Inch New York Brute

by Jeff Brown

Every year, New York produces some of the Northeast’s biggest bucks. In fact, going into last fall, over the previous… more »


Makayla Hay Buck: 205-Inch Texas Non-Typical

by Matt Williams

Anyone who likes a good deer story should love this one. I know I do. My hunting spirit holds a… more »


Bryon Raper Buck: 213-Inch Non-Typical Buck

by Randy Templeton

Bryon Raper’s dream was to someday own the old family homestead that had been sold many years ago. As a… more »


The 7-Day Rule for Patterning and Tagging Mature Bucks

by Dan Cole

The most consistent trophy hunters we read about in story after story all have two things in common. First, they’re… more »


Earl Williams Buck: 197-Inch Georgia Booner

by Bill Cooper

Over the last 35 years, whitetail hunters in the Southeast have witnessed a remarkable evolution. During that span, the development… more »


Corey Klein Buck: 228-Inch Non-Typical Iowa Giant

by Corey Klein

I started my bowhunting career in the mid-1980s, while living in Jacksonville, Florida. My friend Bruce Hall and I used… more »


Vote for North American Whitetail TV in the Sportsman Choice Awards and Win!

by North American Whitetail Online Staff

It’s time to celebrate excellence in outdoor programming with The Sportsman Channel’s annual Sportsman Choice Awards where you, the viewer… more »


Perfect Holiday Gifts for the Whitetail Addict on Your List

by North American Whitetail Online Staff

What’s as difficult as the quest for a monster buck? Coming up with the perfect gift for the whitetail addict… more »


The Red Mile: Blood Tracking Tips for a Timely Recovery

by Tony Peterson

Two years ago, I sat in a stand on public land in north-central Nebraska. As the sun lit the morning… more »