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Brett Carman Buck: 194-inch Ohio Giant

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  January 27th, 2014 0

Hunter: Brett Carman
State/County: Ohio/Adams County
Score: 194 7/8
Gear: Horton Express crossbow

Brett Carman nabbed an astounding non-typical buck on his 154-acre “whitetail paradise” in Adams County, Ohio. 

Carman first spotted the 20-point buck on his Moultrie D55 IR game camera a few weeks before he killed it, but he had yet to see the buck while hunting. On Nov. 3, while hunting one of his favorite stands on the edge of a 25-acre wooded sanctuary, he first saw the buck in real time. As the wind picked up out of the southwest, placing him in a compromising position, Carman considered packing up his gear for a different stand. But a feeding doe at the edge of the thicket of woods caught his attention and kept him at bay.

Then entered the huge non-typical. An amazed Carman continued waiting, hoping the doe would lead the buck in his direction without the wind giving up his location. However, luck was not on his side that day, as the buck chased a doe through a bottleneck and into the woods. Fearful he had lost his opportunity, Carman left the stand disappointed and knew it would be days before he had another shot at the buck…if at all.

Four days later, Carman returned to the area for an early morning hunt. Conditions were optimal and Carman’s hopes were high as he saw four small bucks and nearly 25 does before 7:15 am. Less than an hour later, Carman spotted his buck trailing two does and heading his way. Confident that his Scent-Lok suit would continue to mask his smell, Carman readied his Horton Express crossbow and took aim.

At 37 yards the buck stopped and gave Carman his opportunity. He squeezed the trigger, hitting the deer in the chest and sending him about 40 yards before “he went down like a bag of hammers.” After 30 years of deer hunting, Carman finally bagged his giant.

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