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Drew Baier’s Giant Non-Typical Iowa Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  November 19th, 2013 0

Hunter: Drew Baier
State/County: Western Iowa
Gear: Bow

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. This amazing giant non-typical Iowa buck was bagged by Drew Baier during a November 2012 hunt in western Iowa.

After capturing images from July until mid-October of the buck on his cousins’ trail camera, which was setup on a property adjacent from the farm he was hunting, the photos of the buck suddenly stopped. But Baier remained confident in the spot he had chosen for his stand.

Baier received a welcome surprise after an uneventful morning hunt on November 3rd. As he left his treestand, Baier grabbed the SD card from his trail camera. To Baier’s amazement, the camera caught a daytime photo of the giant non-typical near his stand.

Baier excitedly went back out later that day, and this time it was more rewarding. Just as it was getting dark, he saw the non-typical pass no more than 40 yards from his stand but conditions for a clean shot were unfavorable.

Returning to the spot three days later, Baier saw the non-typical again in almost the exact location as before. But this time the buck took a different path and gave Baier a clean shot at 35 yards. The buck made it about 60 yards before going down, netting Baier his once-in-a-lifetime buck.

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