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Crossbow Hunter Kills Potential North Carolina State Record Archery Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  September 29th, 2014 0

steven_davis_nc_record_buck_fIt looks like there might be a new king of whitetails in North Carolina.

Steven Davis, a Winston-Salem fireman from Davidson County, killed what is likely the state’s largest buck ever taken, typical or non-typical, with archery equipment, according to North Carolina Sportsman.

Besting Brent Mabrey’s 2005 Halifax County non-typical record of 176 6/8, Davis’ buck sports a massive 5×5 mainframe with nine stickers and a spread of 23 3/4 inches with a green score of 190 7/8 inches non-typical. Davis killed the buck while hunting family land with a crossbow on Sep. 18 after watching it for four days by glassing and with trail cameras go in and out of a soybean field. The buck also beats James Thomson’s 163 1/8-inch non-typical crossbow record set in 2010.


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After placing his 16-foot treestand 50 yards off the edge of the field on the first day of archery season, Davis returned to hunt it the following morning. That’s when he first saw the buck standing up from his bedding area, nearly 200 yards away. Unfortunately for him the buck was downwind and likely caught a whiff of Davis, sending him in the opposite direction.

His opportunity came, however, as Davis squeezed off a shot from his Horton crossbow at roughly 35 yards, sending the buck darting across the field. When Davis checked out the blood trail he said it “looked like it was painted on the ground.”

After going probably 150 yards, the buck fell down a hill another 30 to 40 yards before ending up in a creek. Only upon seeing it up close could Davis appreciate the size of his buck as the enormity of the rack began to set in.

It wasn’t just Davis’ biggest buck he’s ever killed, it’s likely the biggest ever archery taken buck in the state.


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