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10 Surprising Celebrity Deer Hunters

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  December 18th, 2012 2

If you watch enough TV these days, you might just get the feeling that hunting isn’t so popular with the celebrity crowd. Just a hunch. Posing nude for PETA has become so 2012 that the real question is, ‘Who hasn’t done it?’

In reality, though, there are plenty of high profile celebs who are eager advocates for hunting. From the ranks of British royalty to the sidelines of the NFL to the halls of Congress, there are faithful deer hunters supporting the cause.

Paul Ryan, Congressman from Wisconsin, was probably the most pronounced of these figures, choosing “Bowhunter”as his Secret Service code name during the 2012 presidential campaign. He was outspoken about the role of hunting in our American heritage, and was seen in online photos drawing back his Mathews bow in a suit in his office. And then there are the more surprising deer hunters, like the Royal Princess, Kate Middleton, and her regal husband, Prince William.

Now without further adieu, we give you NAW’s 10 surprising celebrity deer hunters.

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