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NAW’s Best New Compound Bows of 2013

by Tracy Breen   |  July 24th, 2013 0

Archery gear is always changing and always improving—that’s pretty much a given when you hang around the industry long enough. As a result, archery companies like BowTech are constantly striving for more speed and forgiveness, and focusing on building equipment that is fun to use and hunt with. While news of the newest bows first trickles out around January, BowTech made a surprise launch this summer with the lightweight Carbon Knight, which they say is the lightest ever. It weighs just 3.2 pounds, shoots 330 fps and retails around $849.

No matter what brand it is, it’s gotta be fast, smooth and straight up cool to make our list. If it doesn’t make you drool a little bit, the manufacturers haven’t done their jobs right. Included below are some of the best new compound bows for 2013. Get out the wish list. You’re about to make some additions.

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