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Building Whitetail Utopia – Part 1

by Steve Bartylla 0

The client I was talking to in Mississippi was excited, to say the least. You could feel him beaming with… more »


Building Whitetail Utopia – Part 2

by Steve Bartylla 0

In Building Whitetail Utopia – Part 1, we covered some important foundational topics for habitat improvement and deer management. We… more »

If you want to maximize the potential of your deer herd, it's critical to mind the nutritional requirements of all of the deer inhabiting your land, not just the mature bucks. Photo courtesy of Linda Freshwaters Arndt/

Whitetail Nutrition Calendar

by Matt Haun 2

Whitetails can be picky eaters when given the opportunity. Their nutritional needs vary greatly by sex, age and time of year. The sooner you pinpoint what their needs are and when, the better your herd — and your hunting — will be.


Minerals: What Do Whitetail Need? – Part 1

by Dr. James C. Kroll 0

Back in 1977, my research team and I were studying buck behavior at North Boggy Slough Hunting and Fishing Club… more »


Minerals: What Do Whitetail Need? – Part 2

by Dr. James C. Kroll 0

In Minerals: What Do Whitetail Need – Part One we began our look at the many minerals that play a… more »


Southern Food Plot Planting Strategies

by Matt Haun 0

If your whitetail property is below the Mason-Dixon line, we’ve got a comprehensive food plot strategy bound to improve your herd and bring the big boys out into the open.


A Beginner’s Guide to Food Plots

by Don Higgins 0

The food plot craze has caught on in the whitetail hunting community in a big way. It seems as if… more »


Deer Management Plans For Every Budget

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

Whether you’re planting a few pounds of oats around your deer stand or turning over hundreds of acres for food… more »


Is This the Perfect Whitetail Food?

by Don Higgins 0

The landowner was adamant about showing me what remained of the chestnut trees he’d planted only a year before. He’d… more »


Is Non-Lead Ammo the Future of Hunting?

by David Hart 0

Say goodbye to lead ammo, California. Effective July 1, 2019, the use of any lead ammo for taking any game… more »

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