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Part 2: The Role of Foreign Plants on Whitetail Habitat

by Dr. James C. Kroll 0

In Part 1 of this series, I pointed out some negative impacts of various invasive plants on whitetail forage diversity… more »


The Role of Foreign Plants on Whitetail Habitat

by Dr. James C. Kroll 0

I’m fascinated by the Victorian era (1837-1901), as it represented the Golden Age of Science. Back then, scientific inquiry was… more »


How to Grow Big Bucks on Small Property

by Randy Templeton 0

Most of us would agree that buying a piece of hunting property is a huge commitment. One of the biggest… more »


What Is The Most Important Factor in Whitetail Growth?

by Dr. James C. Kroll 0

I’m amazed at the progress made in whitetail management over the years, especially in managing food sources on private lands…. more »


How to Age Bucks Before You Pull The Trigger

by Bob Humphrey 0

It all happened so quickly. One minute I was enjoying an absolutely lovely early autumn afternoon, not expecting much action… more »

Even though whitetails have long been able to thrive in areas that are nutritionally challenging, this does not mean that dietary supplements are unnecessary. Supplemental nutrition can improve the health of almost any herd.

How to Increase The Size And Quality of Your Deer

by Dr. James C. Kroll 0

Two of my colleagues recently attended a workshop on supplemental food plots. They came away scratching their heads over the… more »

A well-balanced nutritional strategy can benefit from the use of supplemental feed, and the results can often be seen in antler growth.  Photo courtesy of Dr. James C. Kroll.

Hot Topic: A Close Look at Feeding Deer

by Dr. James C. Kroll 0

Supplemental feeding for whitetails is certainly near the top of the list of “hot button” issues in deer management. Many… more »


A Guide to Food Plot Alternatives

by Bob Humphrey 0

One of the more frustrating hunts I ever had took place in eastern Montana. I spent the first afternoon on… more »


How to Properly Cull the Herd — Part II

by Dr. James C. Kroll 0

Over the years, our institute’s research has offered insight into the critical question of when a buck should be culled… more »


How Pruning Trees Helps Your Property

by Derrek Sigler 0

For most of us, hunting whitetails isn’t just a seasonal hobby — it’s a year-round obsession. With that obsession comes… more »

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