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NAW TV: The “Hole in the Horn” Buck

by NAW TV   |  February 15th, 2012 12

A mystery for 55 years, Gordon Whittington shares with us how the the “Hole In the Horn” buck got its hole.

  • merl

    awesome story. very good possability

    • applepicker

      Hard to beleive that a piece of chaine link fence would poke a hole in the antlers.

  • Jason

    The drop tine where the hole is located appears to have had some velvet left on it as it is much darker than the rest of the rack. Often times these points remain much softer throughout the year. A stiff piece of fence would probably not be able to pierce a hardened portion of the rack, but would have no problem piercing the much softer drop tine. That's just my opinion.

    • applepicker

      Jason ,you are probably right, I did not think about that.

  • Rich Freeman

    Surprising and heart – warming that an actual eye witness would come forward after all the years with a story that makes sense. Who wouldn't remember a giant of a whitetail like the hole-in the-horn._

  • savage

    Theres a worm / larve of some sort that burrows holes in deer antlers . A friend of mine harvested a deer with a hole in its antler and it was the case determined by game commission !

  • Leo Berning

    I have the magzine with the picture and story in it. That North American put out At first it out scored the giant from Wiconsins. I have that story. When re scored the holein the horn buck was then second.. Leo Berning

    • timber

      drive by the spot daily, often see bruisers in the arsinal . They have a lottery to hunt the area.

  • Chris chorney

    I'm sorry but I truly and highly dout it was a peice of fence Would do that sorry boys! Plus why would the guy wait so long to come forward? Really of I were there I would have been talking about that long befor he came forward.

    Thanks Chris from south western Manitoba

  • 6bonerpatrol9

    Holy shit! Nice work ,must have given alot of handjobs to earn that one!!!!

  • bigbucksd

    I find it hard to believe that the buck got hit by the train and THEN somehow got trapped under the fence. I would say he probably was trying to get on the other side by going under it (possibly wanting a hot doe) when his horns got caught up and trapped him there. I'm pretty sure the train didn't suprise him and just run into him.

  • stephen

    This wide eight-point buck was heading towards a scent drag the pair had hung and stepped within 15 yards of Jacob, who promptly dropped the trophy with this 20-gauge shotgun. This was Jacob’s first ever deer!-Mercy Ministries

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