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B&C’s Monster Bucks: 20 Biggest Typicals of All Time

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  January 29th, 2014 2

When it comes to tracking record book deer, nobody does it quite like Boone & Crockett. Since the days of Teddy Roosevelt and his famous hunting adventures, the club has set the bar for hunting conservation and record keeping.

B&C has also done an excellent job cataloging the greatest North American trophies of our century, including whitetail deer. Whether we’re talking about Mel Johnson’s Peoria County buck (No. 4 on our list) or Milo Hanson’s world record holder (No. 1), B&C has been there for it all.

Because we love checking out monster bucks as much as the next whitetail addict, we teamed up with B&C to bring you the 20 biggest typicals of all time. So pull up a chair, admire these monster racks and dream about deer seasons to come. Who knows, you might even make the list someday.


  • greyghost206

    I don’t recall anywhere in the history of the Jordan Buck story where the rack was “given back” to him. He was 22 when he killed the deer, and 72 before he ever saw the rack again. Think about that…. Then, he spent the last 14 years of his life trying to prove he killed the deer, and died just before he was granted that recognition. Please try to get the stories straight before you publish them. I’d hate to see NAW go the way of DD&H and turn to tabloid propaganda for the sake of sales….

  • Fan

    Where is the Heartbreaker Buck that was found in Iowa in 2008? Net 270’s…

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