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Best Whitetail Guns at Every Price Point

by Jason Herbert   |  February 5th, 2013 3

One of the great things about whitetail hunting is that deer don’t discriminate. They don’t care what a hunter does for a living or how much money he makes. Whitetails don’t slow down for an elderly hunter or stand still for a novice. Whitetail hunting is the great leveling field—we are all just hunters trying to fill our tags.

Since the introduction of firearms to our continent in early American history, guns have helped boost seasonal deer kill numbers. But while the playing field is the same for every deer hunter, the prices of guns today are not. From the CVA Wolf muzzleloader ($328) to the Sako Tecomate ($1,375), there are quite a few different guns for different folks. As hunters evolve and go through different stages of life, their firearm wants and needs change, too.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best whitetail guns for every hunter’s budget with a muzzleloader, slug gun and rifle for every price point.

  • Nathan Boyan

    I know that Marlin is not producing very much right now (and with Cerberus bailing out on Freedom Group, who knows when we'll ever see a Marlin made again), but where are the lever guns?

  • gary h.

    Great article! I live in a shotgun/ muzzleloader area, I have an Remington 870 Express rifled barrel with a scope, it is deadly! I shoot a Knight 50 cal. muzzleloader, I love that rifle, accurate and light weight. The author got it right on this article! Keep the good info coming!

  • duane eddy

    need a cva

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