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NAW’s Guide to Public Land Deer Hunting Etiquette

by Jason Herbert   |  April 2nd, 2013 2

For many, the thought of hunting public land sends icy shivers down their spine. They’ve heard stories of truck windows being shot out and fights over competing claims for dead deer. For others, it’s a great opportunity to cover countless acres and enjoy the excitement and adventure public land has to offer.

Across our Nation, millions of acres of public land are set aside for sportsman to enjoy. We should enjoy that land, too, because our hard earned license fees and tax dollars contribute to the costs of maintaining that ground.

But problems arise when hunters treat public land like a freshman frat house, checking their courtesy and consideration at the front door and dumping their junk wherever they go. In order for the whole concept of public land hunting to work properly, it means every hunter—starting with you and me—has got to make it his first priority to abide by the rules of common decency when utilizing public spaces. Here are 10 public land deer hunting tips that every hunter must live by.

*Editor’s Note: These rules are simply suggestions for etiquette. They do not correlate with local hunting laws in your area. As always, please consult your state wildlife agencies for regulations.
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