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7 Deer Hunting Accidents to Avoid

by Jason Herbert   |  May 30th, 2012 4

An unfortunate reality of our sport is that sometimes it’s the hunters who don’t return home at night. Each year, too many of us die in the woods. According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, in 2010 over 8,000 hunting related accidents were reported out of over 16,300,000 total hunters. Statistically, the number of accidents related to total hunters isn’t too shabby, but one accident is too many. Many of us dedicated deer hunters would love to take our last peaceful breaths while enjoying the great outdoors. That being said, there’s no sense in speeding up the process.


  • Michael Swan

    Gotta get you a TreeSpider Speed harness! :)

  • Jamie Horton

    Well written! This makes you think twice about cutting corners in pursuit of the "big one."

  • Stephen Cramer

    GREAT article. Simple things that one maybe doesn't think about.

  • Path1952

    A few years ago, a hunting buddy was killed when he flipped his atv and it landed on him. He was a heluva nice guy. Nothing can make you think real hard about safety like losing a buddy.

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