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Chris Warren Buck: 230-Inch Minnesota Velvet Bruiser

by Chris Warren 0

So when’s the best time to hunt for a trophy buck? Here in southeastern Minnesota, my first choice would be… more »


6 Best Destinations for Hunting Velvet Bucks in 2015

by Bernie Barringer 0

During the “careers” of most deer hunters, a predictable transition occurs. At first, just shooting a deer — any deer… more »


Best Spots for Bowhunting Kansas Trophy Bucks

by Darren Warner 0

It might be known as the Sunflower State, but Kansas also grows monster bucks by the bushel. More than 50,000… more »


Best Ways to Attract Big Bucks to Your Land During the Rut

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

By the fall of 2014, hunter Chad McKibben had a detailed understanding of the feeding and movement patterns of a… more »


Ellen Turner Buck: 180-Inch Ohio Brute

by Ellen Turner 0

Not many Ohio deer hunters can say their first kill was made on another continent. But that’s how I started… more »


Best Spots for Bowhunting Wisconsin’s Trophy Bucks

by Darren Warner 0

If you think that Wisconsin’s reputation as a premier monster-buck producer is overblown and antiquated, then I have just one… more »

Tim young buck

Tim Young Buck: 195-Inch Bluegrass State Velvet Bruiser

by Bernie Barringer 0

Living in the state of New York years ago, Tim Young was so consumed with hunting big whitetails that he… more »

Barry Kern

Best Spots for Bowhunting Trophy Bucks in Pennsylvania

by Darren Warner 0

Bowhunters in the Keystone State must match wits with other savvy stick-and-string deer-slayers who all are pursuing smart bucks that… more »


20 Best DIY Whitetail States for 2015

by Bernie Barringer 0

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Deer Alliance, 42 percent of deer hunters said they have travelled… more »

Though not a heavily bowhunted stated, Minnesota's southeastern corner produces tremendous bucks like Danny Thompson's 170-inch brute.

Best Spots for Bowhunting Minnesota’s Trophy Bucks

by Gordon Whittington 0

The Pope & Young Club is based in the southeastern Minnesota town of Chatfield. So it’s only fitting that the… more »

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