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Six Reasons Why You Won’t Kill a Booner Buck

by Bernie Barringer 0

A tiny fraction of whitetail hunters have taken a buck that scores over 170 typical or 195 nontypical, the minimums… more »


The Top 10 Whitetail Spots for 2017

by Bob Humphrey 0

You’ve waited, scrimped and saved and now can finally afford that that once-in-a-lifetime hunt. But where should you go? Below… more »


How to Locate and Kill A Booner Buck

by Brian Strickland 0

There are many moments that are forever etched in a bowhunter’s mind, and one of my most memorable is the… more »


Tucker Buck Breaks Tennessee, World Hunting Record

by Haynes Shelton 0

There’s a certain mystique associated with the whitetail, and for many hunters it outweighs that of any other game animal…. more »


Health Scare Provides New Hunting Perspective

by Byron Willmore 0

“If I ever had that buck in front of me, I’d have a heart attack!” How many times have we… more »


An Oklahoma Giant!

by George Moore 0

Having served as a certified Boone & Crockett measurer for the last seven years, I’ve been privileged to score many… more »


Are Your Trail Cameras Helping or Hurting?

by Steve Bartylla 0

I was flat-out thrilled. I’d been watching the does and the 140-inch 3 1/2-year-old buck for the past half-hour. Just… more »


Killing Mature Bucks Requires a Learning Curve

by Don Higgins 0

The yearling 6-pointer couldn’t have picked a worse spot in which to bed. Or so I thought. Just 20 yards… more »


Hunters Free Locked Bucks, Get Charged

by Steve Center 0

Have you ever described something as a “once in a lifetime” experience? Many times we hear people use that term… more »


Clayton Brummer Buck: 230-Inch Kansas King

by Spencer Neuharth 0

“It all just kind of runs in the family,” Clayton Brummer told The Wichita Eagle, referring to his passion for… more »

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