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Few racks can rival the width of this one from southern Ontario. His inside spread is 30 2/8 inches — and his outside is 33 0/8! Photo courtesy of Jordy Hope

Massive Ontario Buck Sends Shock Wave Through Province

by Dan Cole 0

In hunting, experience isn’t everything. Just ask Ontario’s Jordy Hope — whose first buck left him with few whitetail worlds to conquer.


Shed Hunting Leads to Prairie State Double Dropper

by Darron McDougal 0

Nineteen years ago, Gary Hintz, now owner of Bucks and Bulls Archery in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, took a four-day weekend… more »


Deadly Determination: Hunting While Pregnant

by Darron McDougal 0

Pregnancy can’t stop a hardcore woman from capturing her fall 2017 deer goals. How many women do you know who’ve gone… more »


Searching for Walter: Huge Non-Typical Missouri Buck Tagged

by Lynn Burkhead 0

After a frustrating pursuit of a big buck nicknamed Walter, Missouri deer hunter Tim Phillips goes old school with grandpa’s… more »


Oklahoma Muzzleloader Monster

by Lynn Burkhead 0

Days before Halloween, veteran Sooner State bowhunter John McCollum turns to new muzzleloader to down a Coal County monster buck… more »


Six Reasons Why You Won’t Kill a Booner Buck

by Bernie Barringer 0

A tiny fraction of whitetail hunters have taken a buck that scores over 170 typical or 195 nontypical, the minimums… more »


The Top 10 Whitetail Spots for 2017

by Bob Humphrey 0

You’ve waited, scrimped and saved and now can finally afford that that once-in-a-lifetime hunt. But where should you go? Below… more »


How to Locate and Kill A Booner Buck

by Brian Strickland 0

There are many moments that are forever etched in a bowhunter’s mind, and one of my most memorable is the… more »


Tucker Buck Breaks Tennessee, World Hunting Record

by Haynes Shelton 0

There’s a certain mystique associated with the whitetail, and for many hunters it outweighs that of any other game animal…. more »


Health Scare Provides New Hunting Perspective

by Byron Willmore 0

“If I ever had that buck in front of me, I’d have a heart attack!” How many times have we… more »

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