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20 Best DIY Whitetail States for 2014

by Mark Kenyon 0

No matter where you hunt, killing a big, mature buck is no cake walk. In some states, however, the opportunities… more »


Bill Stickelmaeir 190-Inch Record Buck: World’s New No. 5 Muzzleloader

by Ron Willmore 0

For many sportsmen, the best thing about gun hunting for whitetails is that it typically turns into an annual family… more »

kansas buck

Caleb Gillespie’s Kansas Buck: 208-Inch Giant

by Caleb Gillespie 1

During my early years of deer hunting here in Kansas with my dad, Dan, and my older brother, Clint, we… more »


Mark Owen’s Ohio Buck: 256-Inch Buckeye Bruiser

by Mark Owen 1

Does this photo of a joyful hunter look familiar? If you’ve spent much time browsing social media sites in the… more »


David Bertsch: 210-Inch Velvet-Racked Ohio Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff 0

I know it’s hard to imagine, but the first time I encountered the biggest velvet-racked buck of my life was… more »

scott hensley buck

Scott Hensley Buck: 190-Inch Ohio Bruiser

by North American Whitetail Online Staff 0

Hunter: Scott Hensley State: Ohio Score: 190 1/4 (gross) Gear: Savage 220 They don’t call it home-field advantage for nothing…. more »


B&C’s Monster Bucks: 20 Biggest Typicals of All Time

by North American Whitetail Online Staff 1

When it comes to tracking record book deer, nobody does it quite like Boone & Crockett. Since the days of… more »


Brett Carman Buck: 194-inch Ohio Giant

by North American Whitetail Online Staff 0

Hunter: Brett Carman State/County: Ohio/Adams County Score: 194 7/8 Gear: Horton Express crossbow Brett Carman nabbed an astounding non-typical buck… more »

Doug Broich 243-Inch Buck

Doug Broich’s 243-Inch Saskatchewan Non-Typical Whitetail Record

by Doug Broich 0

With a fairly recent move to the countryside and some land under my family’s feet, I was looking forward to… more »

Jason Buss Buck: 190-Inch Illinois Giant

Jason Buss Buck: 190-Inch Illinois Giant

by Ron Willmore 0

You’ve often heard the saying, “Big bucks don’t get that way by being stupid.” Well, Illinois deer hunter Jason Buss… more »

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