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Missouri Non-Typical Trophy Bucks

220-Inch Missouri Trophy Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  November 30th, 2011 45

A look at Kurt Kinion’s 220-Inch Missouri Trophy Buck

  • wilcocsc

    Great Show Me. The pressure to "harvest a big one" is off for a lifetime now. Congratulations

  • Jill Kinion

    Incredible! What a trophy!

    • emilee

      It'll look great over the fireplace! :)

    • Amy Grote

      Yes, but you're his trophy wife!!! Awesome deer dear!

  • Trish Waldman

    Congrats on the catch you'll be able to share with your grandchildren!

  • Dena Capps

    I never get tired of looking at this picture!! Congratulations to you!!

  • Audrey Vaughan

    Amazing! Awesome trophy buck :)

  • Tina Ratermann

    Beautiful Buck! I can't believe he didn't score higher. We had seen him several times bowhunting, he sure wasn't scared to get out in the open. I'm so glad "you" got him. He would never get close enough to me while I was bowhunting. My stand is only about 150 yds from yours. Congratulations again!

  • Jen Conner

    I've shown this picture to anyone I can!

  • Eric Tapley

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Congratulations on an awesome buck Kurt.

  • Christy Hall

    Great job Kurt! You should be on the cover of the next issue!!!

  • Holly Twellman

    Congrats to you Kurt. Your smile tells it all.

  • Tricia Whaley

    amazing buck you got a Winner congrats to you

  • Vernon Dury

    Great buck Kurt but remember, your wife is the trophy!

  • dave

    This is not a 220 inch buck sorry

    • applepickers

      Like you know.

    • dylan osborn

      just dont be jealous cuz you miss big bucks all the time cuz u cant shoot and i bet its in the 220 range

  • Scott Toebben

    Would of been a good deer next year. "Just kidding". Congrats Kurt.

  • Ryan

    This doesnt look like a 220 class to me

    • applepickers

      Another one.

  • curt

    Id say this scores about 195

    • applepickers

      And still more.

  • Eric

    i love how jealous people always have to dis other peoples deer cuz they prob shot bambi!. get over it people its a awesome buck. congrats glad is a missouri deer!!!!

  • Eric

    what county was he killed in??

  • Kelly Miller

    Congrats Kurt! That buck is AAAAmazing! I as well show anyone I can.

  • Kurt Kinion

    Thanks everyone. I shot the buck in southern Pike Co, MO. The bucks green, gross B/C score is 222 3/8. As a life-long hunter, itis a real honor to have the opportunity to take such a buck and share the hunt with friends and family. What makes this memory even more special is that my kids are even more anxious to hit the stand with Dad and enjoy the woods!

    Good luck in the woods!

    • Dusty

      I have heard that you sold the deer. For how much and to who? Just to excite the nay-sayers, who ran the tape on the deer?Oh, by the way awesome deer!!!

  • Eric

    Great buck!!!! Congrats!!!

  • Travis

    Great job. It is a wonderful buck .The memories will last a lifetime. Cherish the moment

  • Randoh

    Yes it is a great buck but, I have been scoring deer for over 20 years and I dont think this deer was scored right.
    If this is scored b/c it is not a 220 there is no way. He does not have enough tine lenght for it.

  • Eric

    tine length isnt the only thing that makes them score high at all his main beam length and his mass probly is over 50 inches at least i bet he is right. maybe not a gross 220 but a net 220 i bet. i shot a buck that i would of sworn to be 150s but got him officially scored and he was 170 due to mass. so just cuz the tines are 20 inches high doesnt mean he cant score 220

  • Kurt Kinion

    Thanks again everyone! It is nice to share the hunt with all!

    I have not sold the buck. I had an official Boone and Crockett measurer (20 year veteran) in Lincoln County provide an unofficial green score. The buck will be officially scored after the sixty days on January 16th by a couple (panel) of official B/C measurers.

    Great mass throughout , 27+ and near 27 inch main beam lengths on each respective side, and a bunch of abnormal inches raised the score.

    Thanks again

  • Ryan Kise

    Great buck Kurt, buck of a lifetime. Check out my hunt video the one that says perfect shot on ohio trophy.

  • Carol

    This is pretty cool Kurt!!!

  • Alan

    Hey Kurt , he is a wonderful whitetail congrats on harvesting a beautiful trophy. I am an avid hunter from Maine , and though I have never harvested a deer like that I do have a few trophies on my wall. I can say its not the score that make them trophies but the opportunity to hunt them and share your success with family and friends. You said it best when the kids are even more enthusiastic to share the hunting traditions with their dad. Thats where you really scored big. Again congrats and keep on chasing those whitetails.

  • steve w

    good job!
    Dad would've been blown away!

  • Kurt Kinion

    Thanks to everyone for the nice comments. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream.

    My buck was officila dry scored today and will enter the B/C books at 224 5/8 Gross, 212 7/8 net.

    Kurt Kinion

  • hunter

    Hahaha 212 net. Yea right. You might want to take a look at the gadberry gagger buck from missouri that scored 209. It is bigger than this but it was correctly scored

    • dylan osborn

      dont be mad, go kill you lil 100 pound does and ur little 6 point bucks and leave him alone its an awesome deer

  • Cardnation

    First of all, Great Buck and I KNOW score DOESN'T matter but this buck really doesn't "look" as big to me as the Mo. Gagger Buck. It makes me wonder about the measurers? would another person be able to come up with another score? I mean after all it's not really a score, it's a MEASUREMENT!? Just sayin'

  • Kurt Kinion

    Thanks to all for the nice comments. Pictures never reveal all there is to see with a deer . There are too many variables with pictures including deer position, hunter hand postioin, etc. that affect how a deer "looks". Mass and Abnormal inches is what really help this buck. For those interested in seeing the buck, I plan to have the deer at our local deer classic/expo in Columbia, MO the first weekend in March.

    • Cardnation

      No offense intended Kurt, that's why I said Great buck first.

  • Kurt Kinion

    Thank You Cardnation!

  • Tina Ratermann

    John and I go to the Deer Classic in Columbia every year, it's a tradition. It will be nice to see your Buck again. We both saw him alive, I can't wait to have a closer look at him. He was several hundred yds from me during archery season, and he looked like a bull with a tree on his head.

  • Dr. E.F. Zuber

    Kurt: That is truly an accomplishment to remember. It is sure nice to see the anti-hunters get their worthless blather in print. Keep the kids hunting and enjoy. Great, great, great.

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