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Non-Typical Trophy Bucks

Buckenstein: A 200-Inch Ohio Trophy Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  July 13th, 2012 21

With the use of only one arm, Matt Sheterom used a crossbow to take a Ohio Trophy buck of a lifetime – a true Buckeye State bio-misfit. Here’s his story…

  • Jim Harakal

    what a beautiful deer. I don't know if I would have been able to have held true on this big deer even with two good arms.

  • Angler Ace

    Awesome ! I can't think of a better word to explain it other than Awesone !

  • wozjr

    That is one awesome deer Congrats

  • gene

    What a monster, totally awesome. They don't get that big in Va.

  • Jill & boys

    Congrats big brother! We know your heart & soul is in the hunt…so glad you didn't have to miss out. Your knowledge & passion for the sport is sure to inspire! Proud days, proud days:)

  • Darrell Pettigrew

    Awesome whitetail with a crossbow Matt! I live in Ohio as well and this area of the Midwest is producing good genetics and your proving it. I missed the North American Whitetail 2 Ohio hunts last week. I'll be watching for reruns.

  • deerslayer1957

    right on dude. this is truly awesome.

  • steveesker

    Awesome deer buddy, glad I could help you out, we sure shot some giants this year, what will we do now?

  • Stephanie Shelton

    Thats a true giant! Congrats.

  • Marty Walker

    Congrats dude. Just how big was this bruiser. Over 200 points for sure. What county. I live in Ross and people are getting monster bucks here.
    Marty Walker, Chillicothe Ohio

  • JT Kreager

    Despite a bunch of set backs, Matt put in a lot of effort to get his monster buck. It's awesome to see his work payoff with such a unique and giant buck. I was fortunate to see the buck first hand, it's a truly awesome non-typical rack….congrats again….JT


    I don't hunt anythang just enjoy wuteva it is to cookup,anyway that is a awesome pic of your kill and a awesome skill u got.

  • matty

    I have been hunting with Matt for years. It was great to see him arrow a true giant. He has always been there to help other hunters hang stands and track their bucks. And most importantly teaching new hunters good safe hunting techniques. I am proud to have hunted with him for years. I know how hard he has worked to kill such a great deer. Great job buddy!!!!!

    • Matt Sheterom

      Thanks and right back at you buddy, I am fortunate to have met you and your great family.

  • Dustin

    Hey can you tell me how to post a picture here

    • aaronbakerimo

      Dustin – you can\’t…send us an email to if you have a buck you want to share…thanks!

  • Edd

    Wow. That's a great buck. Congrats

  • terry

    congrats id love to kill a buck half that big

  • mrw

    Very nice… Im pretty sure my buddies and I saw this buck along the interstate on Oct 29th…

    Congrats to the lucky hunter…

  • deerslayer2

    nice deer! congrats

  • Chris Miraglia

    Very Nice Buck Matt Congrats….

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