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Potential World Record Eight-Point Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  February 3rd, 2012 23

Was 2011 the year of the giant eights? First we learned about Mike Kemble’s magnificent and near perfect 4×4 that green grossed 186 inches and looked to challenge the 180 3/8 inch mark held by two hunters – Vernon Winter of South Dakota and Victor Bulliner of Michigan. After the 60-day drying period, Kemble’s buck scored a very impressive 178 5/8, which set the new Ohio benchmark for typical eight points.

Now Tim Walmsley of Heartland Outdoors is reporting on an Illinois buck that could very well break the typical eight-point record with some room to spare.

Jason Sanders killed a buck on the opening day of the Prairie State’s second firearm season that grosses 192 3/8 inches and nets 184 7/8 as 4×4 after side-to-side deductions. There’s a 1 6/8-inch sticker off a G2 that brings the final green net score as an eight point to 183 1/8 typical!

Sanders saw the buck during the first firearm season, but was unable to get a clean shot. The second visit from the massive 4×4 went much better as the hunter was able to put the great eight on the turf.

Walmsley reports that the world record 9-point buck is a 4×5 taken in Alberta that netted 182 5/8.

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