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Illinois Trophy Bucks Typical

Potential World Record Eight-Point Buck

by North American Whitetail Online Staff   |  February 3rd, 2012 23

Was 2011 the year of the giant eights? First we learned about Mike Kemble’s magnificent and near perfect 4×4 that green grossed 186 inches and looked to challenge the 180 3/8 inch mark held by two hunters – Vernon Winter of South Dakota and Victor Bulliner of Michigan. After the 60-day drying period, Kemble’s buck scored a very impressive 178 5/8, which set the new Ohio benchmark for typical eight points.

Now Tim Walmsley of Heartland Outdoors is reporting on an Illinois buck that could very well break the typical eight-point record with some room to spare.

Jason Sanders killed a buck on the opening day of the Prairie State’s second firearm season that grosses 192 3/8 inches and nets 184 7/8 as 4×4 after side-to-side deductions. There’s a 1 6/8-inch sticker off a G2 that brings the final green net score as an eight point to 183 1/8 typical!

Sanders saw the buck during the first firearm season, but was unable to get a clean shot. The second visit from the massive 4×4 went much better as the hunter was able to put the great eight on the turf.

Walmsley reports that the world record 9-point buck is a 4×5 taken in Alberta that netted 182 5/8.

  • david

    Love those big eights….wonder what another year would have done to that rack….WOW!!

    • Bryan

      May not have gotten bigger at all. He may have been smaller next year. Depends on the age of the deer, genetics, and a lot of other factors, but they can't keep getting bigger forever. They do eventually get past their prime.

  • Dave

    Awesome buck congratsi

  • steve

    thats one hell of a 4×4 buck..


    jason a truly great deer. it/s very hard to imagine 2 great 8 pointers killed in same year, mike kembles and yours. i live in portage co. ohio home of the hole in the horn buck. seen a lot of great bucks the last 40 years, but i got to say this yours is one of the best ones i ever laid my eyes on. thanks for sharing photes of buck with all deer us deer hunters.great job WALLY

  • holt

    Jason we hunted right next 2 u and i got that buck on trail camera once and i have a pic of it and i am not very old and i wish i would of got him.

  • holt

    Jason we hunted right next to u and we got that eight pointer on the trail camera once and i am not very old and i wsh i would of got him.

    • Jeff

      I have a 2 trail camera picture of this buck from 2009. Can send to you

  • cap'n don

    Nice management buck. Good to get those "8's" out of the gene pool.

  • Chuck Rogers

    magnificent animal

  • victor b

    This buck is a great 9 point not an eight point,you can call it a main frame eight with a sticker,but the fact remains that it is NOT A EIGHT POINT.Therefore it is not in contension for the world record title of a clean 4× vic b's of mich or vernon w's of south dakota

    • 7mag

      Let me guess. You're THE Vic B. of Mich. Clearly, you're hopin' like Hell it's not AN 8- pointer! Nice try! Nicer buck!

  • Mr. Simms

    Thanks for the clarification. Richard head.


      I'm sorry if I offended you Mr Simms.This buck might be the 5×4 record not the 4×4 record.The heading on the article is misleading when it says 8point.This might seem unimportant to you but to me and other people it is. I have the world record 8 point and it is a 4×4 at 180 3/8 net. This might clarify the issue.

      • Bryan

        I'm not sure I agree with you vic. They don't add stickers to ?x? That deer is a basic 4×4 and there is a reason the sticker point hurt the net score. Maybe you're just a but nervous? haha I guess we will just have to wait and see what the official scorers is in their hands.

      • Vickie N Jay Bellingham

        Hi, Vic.. do you remember us (99 ranger from u – and we still have the ranger) I totally agree a 5×4 is not a 4×4. I saw your buck in person when I picked up the ranger, it is an awesome deer… (I am still trying get one bigger than yours lol) still using the lucky buck too. I wish deer scoring was more serous and participial if the deer grew it it should be counted not deduct.. a 9 pt is a 9 pt.

  • B Dalton

    A great deer is just that. You get what God gives you, you should be only thankful. Thankful for what you harvested and thankful what others have harvested. Don't let a good thing ruin your karma. Stand together…………………

  • bdalton

    A great deer is just that. You get what God gives you, you should be only thankful. Thankful for what you harvested and thankful what others have harvested. Don't let a good thing ruin your karma. Stand together…………………

  • Nicely

    To me personally I would score it as a nine point, after all it is a point whether you want it to be or not. Just look at this way, he would the 9-point WR and you can keep the 8-point WR. I have a clean, symmetrical 8-point I harvested in Ohio a few years ago that scored 147 5/8 and have seen several other deer on the same farm as clean 8's, no kickers or extra stuff that would go well over 160-170" mark. That just seems to be the gene in Ohio in the area I hunt at. Still a great deer no matter what it gets scored as. If you don't want it, give me your deer and I'll gladly take whatever comes as to the score and how it goes in the record book. Be glad you even had an opportunity to even see a deer of that caliber.

  • merl

    awesome buck jason!!!! i think some of u above r just jealous…………..

  • Chad Loudenback

    I would have swallowed my grunt call ruined my base layer had this deer ventured by me !!!!!!!! What a deer !!!! 8,9,10, whatever the points that is a freak !!!!!! WOWZA !!!!!!

    • darrell

      Yes beautiful deer I shot a * in minnesota that groosed 163 2/8 netted 154/48 because of droptine and stickers but in record book 8 point :)

  • Vickie N Jay Bellingham

    I dont think a 9 point should be considered for the 8 point book. 9 point is not 8 points.. as a hunter you know how important an extra point makes the deer, so why are we allowing this deer to take the record away from Vic Buliner and Vernon Winters. I have met Victor and seen the deer in person, he proudly shares a wonderful achievement of harvesting an 8 point boomer.. how can a 9 pointer take the record. Apples to Apples… 8 point to 8 point – Not 9 points.

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