Deer of the Day -- A Season To Remember, Marc Buchner

Deer of the Day -- A Season To Remember, Marc Buchner
Marc Buchner Jr. with his two 2010 bucks. The buck on the left was taken during Ohio's archery season. The buck on the right was a Michigan firearms opener buck.

Michigan native Marc Buchner Jr. had a 2010 whitetail hunting season that he'll soon not forget. Early in the season he headed to Ohio with a few buddies to see if he could take a deer with a bow. His results were exceptional.

"I rattled him into a rye field about 30-40 minutes before dark. I watched this deer for about 20 minutes before I could get an arrow in him. He first came about 25 yards  away and presented no shot. He then walked 70-80 yards away -- I grunted at him with 3 sharp grunts. He stopped on a dime and came into 10 yards only to walk away again, presenting no shot. I started to freak out a little, and when he was 50-60 yards away, I used my can call on him. Finally, he came in to 30 yards and turned, giving me a quartering away shot. I put my pin on him and let it rip," shares Marc.

The result was a 9-point buck that green scored 133 5/8 inches.

Marc now set his sights to the Michigan firearm opener that kicked off mid-November.

"I sat down around 3 o'clock for my afternoon hunt, and immediately I had deer running around me and one of them went into a thicket I couldn't see into. I gave a can call and before I could set my can down, a little 8-point came busting out running 50 yards in front of me. I pulled up my gun just in case something else was running him out of there and sure enough a massive, heavy-racked 10-point buck was trotting after him. I grunted at him and he just kept running from my left to right. I grunted again and this time he slowed to a walk. I put the crosshairs on the sweet spot and pulled the trigger."

The buck ran up and down two ridges before Marc heard the giant crash in the woods. He had dropped what he's calling his buck of a lifetime!

After texting his uncle, who is kind enough to let him hunt his lease, the young hunter headed out to find his deer and it didn't take long. The buck was a 10-point, 152 0/8-inch brute that Marc says is "unheard of around here."

Nice work on both accounts Marc!

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